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Aquarela do Brasil - Jose Carioca

Brasil, terra boa e gostosa,
Da moreninha sestrosa,
De olhar indiferente.
Ô Brasil, verde que dá
Para o mundo admirá.
Ô Brasil do meu amor,
Terra do Nosso Senhor,
Brasil, Brasil, prá mim, prá mim!


I have an unhealthy obsession.... with birds... with yellow head amazon parrots, specifically. I had a pet parrot of that species growing up, his name was Bruno and he could sing the Panamanian national anthem and he would repeat the soap operas to grandma when she missed them. I also like roosters, but parrots... PARROTS ;;A;;!!!

This obsession stems from THE BEST DISNEY MOVIE EVER TO EXIST AND THE BEST ANTHROPOMORPHIC CHARACTER THAT DISNEY EVER CREATED!! Jose Carioca, the suave Brazilian parrot from The Three Caballeros :heart:!! @#$%^&*(#@$%^&*( I LOVE HIM ;;A;;!!!

I've been wanting to cosplay him FOREVER; and finally had the opportunity to have a (completely impromptu :heart:!!!) shoot of it when I went over to the mainland a couple of days ago to get my Chilean visa. It's still not completely finished obviously (I just couldn't let the opp for photos pass!!!); I need to make gloves and accurate cigars and I am also debating whether to make his tail.

I shall put more photos up as they become available to me :D!!

Jose Carioca: :icondishenvy:

Photographer: The absolutely amazing :iconemphotoca:

Inspiration for this cosplay came from :iconchacckco:'s ABSOLUTELY AMAZING art!!! GO CHECK HER OUT, SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS ART :iconiloveyouplz:!!!

Please :iconcommentplz:! I reply to all comments :love:!
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AWESOME!!!! He's like my favorite character! Jose' is so awrsome!
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Omg, How did you pull off the cosplay clothing or look?! I was planning on cosplaying as Jose Carioca, but I don't know how or where to get a perfect clothing for it or where to start. Please tell me what or how you pull off this uniform/look. Clothes you bought for it, you know, etc.
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I was lucky enough to have thrifted mostly everything (except the pants which I bought at bluenotes I believe?) since I thought I would have to make the jacket myself xD! The bowtie is actually a hairpiece I had bought a long time ago just for my own personal use. Sorry I can't be more specific!
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did you make these clothes yourself or find them places?
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Greetings Oi Brasileira fotos linda gostei
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I don't speak portuguese... :')!!! but thank you :heart:!!
01012014WorldWar3's avatar
but loved the picture great amazing work
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thank you so much *-*!!!
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This is so fantastic! And I love the location and photo editing. :love:
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bahaha, thaaanks XD!
my friend did such a good job with this photo set <3!!
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:omfg: I can't tell you how much I love you right now!! :icongwompplz: omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg :faint:
Also I can relate with the parrots. I had two when I was living in Puerto Rico :heart: :heart: It's nice to know someone out there with the same bird obsession like I do! :highfive:
But like I said, this is amazing! Awesome job!!! :thumbsup:
( I use to cosplayed as Jose, but now my chest gets in the way ^^; )
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thank you thank you :love:!!! I loved cosplaying him, I can't wait to actually finish the cos ;;3;;! ohh!! you should cos him again!!! there's not nearly enough three caballeros cosplayers out there!!!!
and I know eh??? parrots are soooo cool ;;3;;!! I really want to be able to have a pet parrot again :heart:!!
T3f3r's avatar
I agree, there aren't that much caballero cosplayers... Maybe I should try to find another outfit then so I can try again, I know I still have the hat, but I just need to find everything else ^^;
:iconeeeeeplz: Eeeee! Parrots are just so amazing~! I want to have pet parrots too >3< ! I used to have two pet parrots named Zeco and Zeca then one pet rooster named Don. :heart: I missed them so much! I had to give them to my cousin because I had to move though! TT3TT
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do it! I would love to see your cos :love:!!! anyone who loves the caballeros is a friend of mine :"DD!!

oh noo <//3!! that's so sadd, nothing worse than leaving a pet behind ;;3;;!!
T3f3r's avatar
:D I'll try, and thanks! Anyone with the love of the Caballeros is a friend of mine too! :meow:
MyriamMcFly's avatar
HOLY COW THIS IS THE BEST COSPLAY IDEA EVER!!! I love the 3 Caballeros!!!! *___*;;
Now I have to ask my friend if we do Jose & Panhcito *-*
dishenvy's avatar
Thank you so muuuch ;;A;;!!! and me too, BEST MOVIE EVEEEEERR!!
Do it!!! I would love to see pics :love:!
WiedzmaZua's avatar
Oh. My. Awesome.
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thank you so much :love:!!!
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