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The Witcher 3 - Triss Merigold cosplay

Fd: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Ch: Triss Merigold (DLC Dress version)
Ph: :icondzikan:
Md: :icondisharmonica:

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DaveSheepek's avatar
best Triss Cosplay here at Deviantart =) :happybounce: :clap:
Saddust's avatar
Fabulous... Perfect make up, perfect costume, and oh, so perfect visage (^v^)
The photographer is an expert.
qwertyuiopsjdy's avatar
PhantomKgt's avatar
The wind blows, stirs, billowing flaming tresses.
A mystic magic this prize of locks possesses.
Green eyes with just a hint of mischief fill
Alluding to her strength, her forceful will.
She is so like moonlight, like full moon's light.

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kamakoura's avatar
Damn her boyfriend's lucky
rhunel's avatar
Beautiful portrait!
McubedCosplayModel's avatar
I am about to make this costume. Where did you get the crown gold foil tattoo? That's a fantastic idea!
The only word I could use to describe this whole set is Stunning... Ill need a few moments to take my jaw off the floor
Mentor6pclear's avatar
Damn, an absolute perfection!
johnsnow22's avatar
excellent work on the freckles
RyoHazuki224's avatar
This is absolutely magical!! I love it!!
moyashisoba's avatar
absolutely marvelous(๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)♥
smoothpappa's avatar
This whole series is just stunning!  Kudos to all involved!!!
K12E's avatar
Great colours
Gibert's avatar
I think I just fell in love!!!
uzdil88's avatar
Costume is great, you look fantastic but i think you are to much innocent for Triss.
NexusYuber's avatar
I honestly hope that this shot in particular gets a daily deviation. It's more than popular enough, the pose is wonderful, the outfit is on point, you've done an excellent job as a model, and the photography is perfect.
marcelojavier83's avatar
Extremely BEAUTIFUL!!!
thinkubus's avatar
Fantastic costume, beautifully put together and I would say it actually looks much better balanced than the in-game version from what I can see. Incredibly well suited face for the character, it's rare that cosplays work as well as that. Three questions:

-Did you make this costume yourself? 

-What made you choose the dress rather than the leather gear? 

-The golden forehead decoration is made of whaaaaat?
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