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Saber Nero Swimsuit

Fd: Fate/Extra CCC
Ch: Saber Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
Ph: :iconkak-tam-ee:
Md: :icondisharmonica:

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I dreamed I was a piece of driftwood

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amını emmek lazım
Dermious ......the goddess of perfect skin....begins to notice that as her level of perfection continues to has major impact on ALL of her body....her physic becomes increasingly more sensual...every curve....every facet of her being begins to demand audience before the hottest women on earth......pushing beyond their feeble attempts to keep up...... 
ImageType's avatar
Not many women can pull that swim suit off, I am very impressed on the photo
RobMitchem's avatar
Nice swimsuit 
Lhunathion's avatar
Doll-perfect body, unbelievable. O_O
jleon323's avatar
She is so beautiful
she is a definition of profession
I'm in love with her and I want to marry her
root-08's avatar
Is this fake?
sirenabonita's avatar
no ~ this is the real lady ~ no CG, no surgeries ~ about as close to perfection as any woman you will find anywhere!
mardabo's avatar
Is it just me or is she truly to die for . . . or kill?
Ayyyron's avatar
Holy have my love.  All of it. <3
valmont1702's avatar
This picture is so sweetly seducing... Efficient ;) 
LORDTyb's avatar
I sense photoshop on these photos....don't get me wrong you're pretty, the cosplay's good but I'd rather see some natural flaws :)
whrthrdfrngr0w5's avatar
No words O_o Beautiful girl / Best Cosplay :D
JuicySundew's avatar
Wish i had such skin complexion 💙
NetSeawolf's avatar
sublim absollutlly sublim !!
cesaw70's avatar
You are unbelievable!
Theorionmage's avatar
Most folks don't realize in this swimsuit, you're obeying every social requirement to walk ANYWHERE in 'polite' society, (although you would certainly command attention).  

One needs only look to the entertainment industry's awards ceremony 'Red Carpets' Oscars, SAG, Golden Globes ...every woman there is wearing MORE clothing than that swimsuit, BUT solely for discretionary 'affect'.

Clothing serves multiple purposes: protection from the elements of temperature, abrasion and exposure to radiation (sunburn or more)  ALL ELSE... is gratuitous and subjectively contextual---

Credo of the 'Daughters of Lilith' espouses...
NOW... it is said, 

"One often cannot control all Life's variables
HOWEVER... One CAN control how One responds TO them!”

To fulfill the human Female's role in perpetuation of the species, she has evolved 'purpose built' an organism during the most fertile period of her life. to evoke male desire to copulate... this intuitive aching desire imparts great subliminal leverage.

One may sell the fragrance of a sizzling steak to a great many... 
while dining with a lucky chosen few, as Goddess / Nature intended. 
YOU 'merit' the pick of the crop and their resources, based upon YOUR choices
& prevailing circumstance ~

MANY stubborn Feminists... hellbent upon carving their own destiny at any cost...
 squander this biological advantage... or view it as an inconvenient "nuisance"... 
the choice is YOUR'S ...NOT his.

You are AS 'dressed' in lingerie AS YOU ARE in a bikini or that swim suit...
BUT FAR MORE empowered to direct the course of events.

Any MORE clothing is actually ADDITIONAL purpose-built 'costuming'... and announces whether you are dutifully participating in THEIR modesty  'game' or dictating YOUR OWN 'terms' in YOUR existence.

You're NEITHER 'stupid' or blind! 

Patriarchal society seeks to curb & shame you from capitalizing upon this awareness.

"Men are more sentimental than women, it clouds their judgement"-Robert Heinlein

"Everything in Life is ABOUT Sex, ...except Sex. Sex is about POWER" -Oscar Wilde

MAKE a lasting impression, 
even if you choose NOT to exploit it at that moment. 
Society's 'game' BUT on YOUR terms... 

GIVE NO QUARTER...Leverage their 'forbidden' hypocrisy.

Why do you think the 'naughty schoolgirl' fantasy 
holds such perennial Halloween allure?

Embrace-Fate's avatar
Absolutely stunning.
sirenabonita's avatar
:iconahoyplz:  thank you for permitting me to use your photo in the creation of this mermaid  Mermaid Disharmonica ~ having a swinging time
qxvw198's avatar
Where is this wonderful location you are using for this photo shoot?  The swing looks like something a cast-a-way would make on an idyllic deserted island.
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