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Saber Nero Swimsuit

Fd: Fate/Extra CCC
Ch: Saber Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
Ph: :iconkak-tam-ee:
Md: :icondisharmonica:

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Beautiful girl, great suit! Win, win!

That seems too daring even for Saber Nero.   But I suppose if she heard me say that she'd cleave me in two with a broadsword.  Fortunately I believe that Saber hasn't a close enough connection with the Deep State to be informed of this comment, so I should be safe.
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Beautiful ♥️

frozendoragon's avatar
Nice cosplay!
Please Good luck in the future.
That's tight! ❤
VincentKelly's avatar
OMG just too beautiful! ;)
minimuminimum's avatar
love it. especially the tight fit on the pussy :)
AMPEREIRA42's avatar
Very Pretty girl !!!
infinityunbound's avatar
Le Sigh... A perfect woman... Flawless to the last fine detail. Impossible dream of dreams.... As unattainable as the stars themselves. You can only be so flawless for now on a 2d screen - but someday we can all have our perfect robotic wives! 

And when they come at last - put me up for one that looks exactly like this one! outfit and all!

In fact.... scrap my body and put my brain in a perfect robotic shell as well! Happy perfect mechanical gods - together as the undimmed standard of man forever and ever! Dare I dream of eternal flawless life beauty and love. God help me for wanting more.
DehketchupArceus's avatar
only popular because it's sexual
SerumSeven's avatar
some ones ultra megga jelly that they cant be sexy ;D
ElleShaped's avatar
Life only exists because sexual things are popular.
JeremyMulamba's avatar
Damn dressing herself like a Do it lmao
sergemalivert's avatar
La perfection ! Une déesse...
VonDude's avatar
Love that suit! She has the perfect body for it.:)
What is the name of that swimsuit style? I've seen it before, but I never could figure out the name of it.
Slingshot bikini
DoctorSenpye's avatar
Maybe you seen it on Vampirella. 
I think I have there, but that doesn't give me an answer on what style it is :/
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