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February 5, 2021
Cosplay Team Rocket by Disharmonica
Featured by pullingcandy
Suggested by Cicunni
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Cosplay Team Rocket


Badge Awards

Fd: Pokemon
Ch: James and Jessie 
Md: Jessie - :icondisharmonica:
James - Nero

Prints and photobook for this set (Including 18+ NSFW ones) are available in my print store !
61 Mpx HDs (SFW and NSFW) are available on my Patreon till the end of October 2020
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© 2020 - 2021 Disharmonica
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wastelanderJG's avatar
OgJazz's avatar

Until i've look around your gallery, i would'nt believe Jessie was human, at first glance, she seems too perfect, like a highly detailed sex doll! Anyhow im still stunned by this cosplay, she nailed it!

Blueberrycutey's avatar

OMG is soo amazing :judge:Team rocket is blasting off again

CCMillustration's avatar

this is really good!!!

BloodhoundPreston's avatar
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar

You are a stunning model with a figure all women, including myself always dreamed of having and you do all the fun things we'd dream we'd do if we had a figure like yours and your partners. I love your works, your creativity, passion for your craft, all of it. Your cosplays are brilliant. This cosplay and pose is just hilariously perfect and Iconic! My kids were the first generation pokemon fans. Love you guys! :heart:

JeremiahKun-Arts's avatar
Watch out! The Obstacle has developed an evil scheme! Be prepared, Ash and Goh! You're here to stand in their way!
Unknown-Channel's avatar

When I first saw this I thought they were 3D models. Congrats! :clap:

BB-K's avatar

I always imagine Jessie having a black bra underneath, but the panty shot is making it just as hot. =p

chris-steven1983's avatar

Kind of an odd choice for the DD, seeing as you have better pictures from this shoot. I wonder if the panties have anything to do with that...

Eaohkan's avatar

Great cosplay but this is why pants are better than skirts.

LindArtz's avatar

Congrats on your DD!!! :clap:

snowcloud8's avatar

Good cosplay (and a realistic depiction of what happens when you wear a miniskirt)

Excellent work. :)

carlosgoldberg's avatar

Congrats on the DD!

MajorO's avatar

I just checked out your gallery. it is beautiful ! Everyone should check it out.

Celem's avatar

Congrats on the DD!

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