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Work - Live Music

Recent work, generic live music poster. This was made for several venues around NSW, if you happen to see any around let me know :)

This work was created by Courtney (DISENT) Wooster & is © Copirite 2007. You may not download, copy, distribute or edit this in any fashion.

Respect international copyright law & other peoples hard work, do not steal.
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© 2007 - 2021 DISENT
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wow this poster is really greaT! i think i'll submit your name for my artist reference in school. =) is that alright? i really like your stuff! and it's just way better than my own....
DISENT's avatar
Thanks, you sure can reference me if you want. & I think your art is good, dont put yourself down
wnhsr's avatar
thanks... but you're just being nice haha.. i have yet to create a proper piece of work... =)
DISENT's avatar
all artwork is ';proper' as long as you make it with real feeling and effort
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hotpinkheartz's avatar
wow thats awesome!
nice design . . . very VERY impressive! :D
DISENT's avatar
Thank you for the comment :)
khao-pete's avatar
Great colour use, and as cliched as that sounds, it's handled beautifully. Really nice gradient work.
DISENT's avatar
it doesnt sound cliche at all & i really appreciate it, thanks :)
i love the vintage vibe goin on there!
DISENT's avatar
thanking you
Whookidd's avatar
man,this one is amazing!good work!cheers!:D
DISENT's avatar

was lookin at the shihad poster and then accidently wrote that here...

still awesome
DISENT's avatar
u & your shenanigans, lol cheeers neway dude
hey bro,

nice work, love the colour and wings with the church

just the level of work you produce is exceptional
LemnosExplorer's avatar
awesome merge of illustration and images
DISENT's avatar
PHK's avatar
great appearance. tools used in creating this?
DISENT's avatar
thanks. Illustrator & photoshop.
El-Ronin's avatar
Good! I like it. Just one question. For what is the space in blank under the FRIDAY´S FROM 8PM TO LATE ?
DISENT's avatar
the space is for the venues to write the bands / performers name.
El-Ronin's avatar
Cleaver and elegant.
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