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The Tardis

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This is Dr. Who's time & space travelling machine, This is fan art, but I couldn’t find the appropriate category.

I love Dr who, if you haven’t t seen it then I recommend checking out the old 60's-80's era TV shows, brilliant stuff :)

Dr Who & his Tardis are copyright BBC Television UK (I believe, if I’m mistaken about this please let me know)
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Wow! Tardis is from Doctor Who.
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TARDIS has warp speed? XD
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Most of what I have seen is after the 2005 reboot, but I have seen a little of the fourth Doctor.
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1st Doctor Dance 2nd Doctor Dance 3rd Doctor Dance 4th Doctor Dance 5th Doctor Dance 6th Doctor Dance 7th Doctor Dance 8th Doctor Dance War Doctor Dance 9th Doctor Dance 10th Doctor Dance 11th Doctor Dance 12th Doctor Dance 
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Awesome picture of the TARDIS traveling through space.
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You capture the essence of the tardis brilliantly. Oh I am so happy to have come to this app.
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sy-fi would worked lol, i like it i really do ^~^
Wow, makes the old doctor who's look even better
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thats fantastic!!! 
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May I use this as my dA id? If possible, respond quick~

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lol, I dont care
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Can impact use this as it's cover? Impact is the PLHS art magazine. Please respond as soon as possible.

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Sure can, thanks for asking
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Brilliant! :'D
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That's so remarkable it's ... Dare I say!
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dare you not indeed! haha, cheers
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Don't know if you are aware of this, but theres a new 50th Anniversary 1000 piece Jigsaw coming out made by a company called Waddington's as a limited edition, and they've used this very image as part of the puzzle [link]
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thanks, but it's just the same photo of the tardis
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Very nice image of the old girl :)
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this is so cool with the colors and lights and stuff!
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