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Batman Vs Superman Movie Poster V3

OK this will probably be the last one I put together, but I do have an idea for one more...

The first one -…

The second one…

Thanks for looking

This work was created by Courtney (DISENT) Wooster 2013, however the characters and names are © DC Comics / Warner Bros.
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© 2013 - 2022 DISENT
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I love this one and I also think that it's one of the best "Batman v Superman" posters I've ever seen (and I've seen a thousands of them). It's unique and has its own spirit. Last but most important - it's very well executed. The thing that doesn't work very well for me is the tagline, and maybe not the tagline itself, but the size of the font and its placement. But it's a really gread job :)
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Thanks man I really appreciate the time and detail of your comment. I'm also glad you appreciate the typography even it isnt perfect, which I agree with. I struggled a bit with the typography, as a graphic designer by trade I know how important it is to get the eye reading the most important info first. Thanks again :)
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why are there eye beams coming out of his forehead?
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haha, why indeed...
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I think he was asking a legitimate question...

I was wondering the same thing. So like... Why are there eye beams of his forehead?
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shiny things reflect light...
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Featured here: :) 
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Very nice! i will post on fb page for the movie eventually:…
Hope you dont mind :) (Smile)
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my pleasure, thanks for letting me know :)
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Awesome! How did you do that with the heatvision?
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Thanks, I used Photoshop
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I know, but could you explain how? :D
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I'll summarize - I used mainly radial gradients with transparency in combination with layer styles; screen, linear dodge etc...It's really simple to achieve realistic glows this way.
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Holy sh*t dude, this is f*cking awesome!
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Well fucking thanks man, I appreciate your enthusiasm!
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No problem! It's really good!
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I approve, good work!
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