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Darth Talon for XNALara/XPS

Since been remade, proper renders of new version coming soon ;)

Been waiting to use Trip's face (of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West) for something, when all of a sudden Star Wars happened and boom; Darth Talon!

I used Samus' Metroid: Other M body, a thong from a Tera model, made the lekku and armour (rather hastily - i'll confess i'm not a pro modeller ;) ) and retextured the whole lot. I'm fairly pleased with the result, though i'll probably redo her lightsaber at some point because that was literally a 5 minute addition when I realised she should probably come with one - it's hidden, so make it visible the usual way (press A).

That's enough from me, the model comes one .pose file, the far left "claw" pose - enjoy!

Link (Updated with generic_item.mesh!)

P.S. Feel free to retexture all you like, easier if you use the base Samus textures and hide/remove the armour, there's a complete lack of Twi'lek models floating around for XPS
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when I click, I get an error. Is it still available?

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Link doesn't work.

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Hey man.

I really love the model, and would really like to port the model into Garry's mod as a Playermodel. I can give you my steam name if you want, so you can be co-owner on the addon.
If you only want to be credited, so are that alright too. It's up to you. So are it alright that port this to Garry's mod?.
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Go for it. All I ever ask for is credit for the original model, you do what you want with it otherwise. ;)
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Thank you so much, and I will credit you.
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Is it done yet?
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this looks really cool!
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Thank you! It look great!
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Is this Trip's face? From Enslaved?
Flawless work though!
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That's exactly who it is, yes :)

Trip's face, Zero Suit Samus' body, and the rest I made from scratch; this was one of my early models, so the details are a little basic, fortunately Talon wears next to nothing so there wasn't much to make ;)
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OMG! You're very good!
This is amazing modding!
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There's a complete lack of Twi'lek models for anything, its a real shame this isnt on garrys mod! Very nice work Disembowell!
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I'm having a problem, I downloaded this and put it into XNAlara fine, but I can't use it because XNA says Talon is missing the mesh file, so it skips her. Can you reupload this, or maybe link me to someone who fixed it. Please, that'd be fantastic!
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Hmm... do you have / use XPS? You could open the model on that, save as generic_mesh.mesh, then put that ".mesh" file (which is what's missing, my bad!) into the XNALara one... it's because XPS uses ".xps" files instead, and I clearly forgot to stick the mesh one in with it!
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Oh, ignore my last post, I got past it and downloaded it. Thank you!
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Yes, it turns out I just had to restart my internet browser, for some reason it wasn't loading the IMPORTANT things, like the download buttons. ^_^
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