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2 :icondisdainfulvision:disdainfulvision 1 2
Mature content
Old Fragments :icondisdainfulvision:disdainfulvision 0 1
Mature content
1 :icondisdainfulvision:disdainfulvision 0 2
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in dreams... :icondisdainfulvision:disdainfulvision 1 5
Translated Dribble - Recording by disdainfulvision Translated Dribble - Recording :icondisdainfulvision:disdainfulvision 0 9
Mature content
- Emily - :icondisdainfulvision:disdainfulvision 4 17
- A short analysis - READ!
A short analysis of a common sense-ridden world
"What luck for the rulers that men do not think. "
- Adolf Hitler
You know, sometimes I sit and wonder. Why is everyone fighting all the time? You're black, I'm white, You're tall, I'm short, you're right, I'm wrong... Why do we do these things? Who decides who's stronger than who, who's better, who's faster, who's wrong and who's right? Seems that people always say the more you know, the better off you are. Seems to me that knowledge is one of the biggest dividing forces of all inequalities. The more you know the more you have to think about, the more you have to challenge, the more people you have to prove wrong. Then again, if you do not have knowledge, your ignorance makes you an easy pawn in somebody's else's war. You can't think for yourself because you don't know any better, and find comfort in somebody else's knowledge, therefore becoming enslaved to them. If somebody has a bigger body build than another, they automatically become
:icondisdainfulvision:disdainfulvision 6 31
- Today We Bleed -
Today We Bleed…
By Marius Budu
Alone, I lay on one knee in the pouring rain
As I watch the world around me bleeding,
The cries of the few cannot put out the flames.
The timeless fight between what's good and evil
Has long been won by that which hates...
Our intellects no longer useful- objectified, they weep.
The silence of our knowledge kills us
And yet, sedated we continue on, and on...
Purposes have become roles, "we are the gears…"
The searing darkness in our souls is silent, lurking,
As we pray to rusted omens and misquoted gods.
So long ago we knew what it meant to be human,
But Hollywood destroyed all that...
And demons with wide grins and many guarantees -
Burned, raped and pillaged what was left of us...
And so I stand a broken man today,
Impotent and afraid, lonely and sedated
With no hope for a better today, or a tomorrow.
Even this rage cannot put out the flames -
They burned the innocence out of our children's' smiles
And mutilated all that had once seemed real
The constan
:icondisdainfulvision:disdainfulvision 1 15
- Human -
By Marius Budu
On broken dreams I kneel before you
Oh masters of the great beyond!
This night my shell grows weak once more,
And whispers of despair my soul unveils again.
My limbs have taken me as far as I could hope,
And no mortal desire has gone undone;
Yet echoes in the rain grow stronger now –
And it's their hopeful grins that hold me down.
I have denied this plastic world time and again
Indulging in the sweetest steps of this sin.
With fearful eyes I face this consequence today,
Not knowing where fate will guide me from here…
Among these souls I'm frozen in the grip of time,
Waiting for the release I hope will never come.
To no avail I search for meaning in these lands –
And all I find are ancient fragments of their gods…
This temple I have built is tainted with disdain.
Their minds' reflected pain is constantly flooding my brain,
And these unspoken dreams seem shallow now –
This shameful secret is making my heart come undone.
Breaking the limits of this sanity I have contr
:icondisdainfulvision:disdainfulvision 10 48
Mature content
- Woman - :icondisdainfulvision:disdainfulvision 0 28
- Rivers of Blood -
Rivers of Blood
By Marius Budu
Trying to crawl out of my mind
These old tears tearing me up inside
I never want to see the day again
I'm tranquil in my strengthened pain
Never in this dark place, no, not again.
The stars are falling down like rain
And I keep fearing it will end…
Until the angels come again
Guardian spirit of the light
I buried you so deep inside
I guess I never really feared the night,
But here we are, deep down inside
Our blood, like madness-spilled again
Red vials of forgotten days
When angels cried, they cry again…
I'll never save this barren land
The energy that crawls beneath
Has spoken to me once again
It showed me mountains I could climb
And endless fantasies I could attain.
This force I feared would leave me dead,
I finally feel and I embrace;
They'll never care until it's gone,
This shattered earth is dead to them
:icondisdainfulvision:disdainfulvision 4 17
Mature content
- Recycled Dreamworld - :icondisdainfulvision:disdainfulvision 0 13
- Entombed -
Marius Budu
Indulging my senses in this self-defeat,
Pondering eons of mistakes we've made,
I squander my immortal moments here entombed.
Their agonizing screams don't comfort me at all.
The venom of their ignorance
Still burns inside my blood.
I used to scratch the rotting flesh,
But lately, I've learned to succumb.
Pacing along this dark abyss inside my soul
I re-trace strings of memories from long ago.
Traces of naïve childhood innocence,
And the apocalypses that were to follow…
The outside ground used to be warm.
Their steps upon it doomed it into ruin.
Those that survived became like me…
Forgotten relics in inexistent shards of time.
And I exist in this decaying plastic shell
Inside, reverberations of my spirit faded long ago.
Only the echoes of my vision still endure,
Almost as if to be punished for their sins.
I used to be a brave crusader of the light.
My words and actions were like splinters in their eyes
And now after the final curtain fell,
I find myself alone, cryi
:icondisdainfulvision:disdainfulvision 3 30
- Teardrop -
Marius Budu
Levitating among the ruins of ancient Babylons
Mentally studying the bones of fearful memories
Unraveling the moments that my essence overlooked
Traveling down deep fluctuating passages of light,
I unfold myself into being…
Transversely pondering the question of still time
Searching for meanings of that one hateful crime
These paradoxal instances become sublime
And all this flesh surrounding me, it isn't mine.
So I let myself fall…
Running down the Universe's cheek, I flow
Amalgamating my essence with that of its mind
Procuring fractals of this great divine
I search for the one tangible truth beyond my kind
And I fall deeper into the deafening sound
Nails gnawing at my tranquil stream
Sharp, blistering flashes of what could be,
The maze expands, evolving as I start to collapse
Becoming numb to the omniscient avail inside me.
Beyond me, lies only eternity.
Within me is the shameful dread of the impending end
The final moment just before the fall devours hope
This tr
:icondisdainfulvision:disdainfulvision 6 35
- Delicate Splendor -
Delicate Splendor
By Marius Budu
So near, yet light years apart,
I yearn for the glow of your frail heart,
I'm left here dreaming of the sensual flames
Of bonfires that could have raged...
Running my deep desires down your form
I kneel ever so slowly on the floor
And yearn for a single glimpse of delight
To understand the dark depths of your mind...
Your timeless eyes spin woven dreams
That take me to surreal worlds
Where the wind brings to me your splendor
A short-lived glance of true enchantment...
To understand true beauty is to be alive,
For those who fear it have forgotten...
The purity of innocence sets our spirits free
And passion is our very last breath of true hope…
:icondisdainfulvision:disdainfulvision 2 15
disdainfulVISION ID by disdainfulvision disdainfulVISION ID :icondisdainfulvision:disdainfulvision 3 55

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Mature content
'In My Basement' :iconmagicaldeviantjew64:MagicalDeviantJew64 1 8
In a place where oxygen is motivation.
Turning without a sound,
The wind is only white noise as it rushes past.
Making my ears bleed.
Falling into oblivion.
Slow motion making me feel that I have all the time in the world to regret my decision.
Yet, mere seconds have ticked away from my grasp.
And it burns me like a second skin...
I'm watching from outside my own body.
This new and foreign territory.
All for strange eyes.
In Limbo.
Where perspective is like a hazing dream.
And I've got to go soon...
I can't breathe here anymore.
:iconmooxey:Mooxey 1 2
The Silence
Slow dancing though the world I once knew,
Trying much too hard to track down all that once was me.
Tripping down the faerie tale lane that I used to know so well.
Let the dreams take me where they will after all that's been.
Never a matter of when, but where.
Let that which you are carry me away into what's been so wholly lost.
See the world through blinded eyes.
Know there's no stopping the spinning alleyways.
There's nothing like you.
There's nothing like me and you.
I forget the will to care, the will to stand before it all comes down.
Never an emotion for taste.
Write with broken fingers for endless copies.
Worldly wonder of what the difference is between what I am and what I want to be.
Desecrated endless ironies shakng the foundation of 'I'.
Quiet moments of aloneness and tired reveries.
Forgotten things I thought I lost but never had.
There is the endless night-day spills.
Feeling wide open and uncaressed in the dream.
There is no escape because there isn't a thing to escape fr
:iconmistressmirandah:mistressmirandah 1 4



Marius Budu
Current Residence: Toronto, Canada
Favourite style of art: Photo Manipulation
Personal Quote: I don’t believe in these false gods you have contrived
Been going down
this poorly lit, winding path
Passing by shadows of moments lost
wondering if they still know my face

Sewing the seeds of alienating lies
never quite shrouded by the clouds I brought along
Slowly tearing another layer
off my perpetually dying shell...

Another castle, chapter two,
the book seems to only change its cover.
I fall and stumble on my own guilt
Never quite could be like them

A cold wave of solitude engulfs me
and the thousands of smiles are still the same.
This line I wasn't meant to cross
has long been lost beneath the dust

Not a mere mask, but a new world
with each passing cage that I meet
Create, divert and sin
but never tell the truth

Longing for that moment described
in the parchments of old
Never quite reaching a glimmer
of that which I hold true...

Another step, another thorn -
these moments are forever lost.
A frozen touch upon my spine
seem to consume this soul of mine...

And from the mightiest emperor
I turn to dust once more...




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ashwhinny Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2007
wow .again i am inspired , ive added this account to my watch too . I find your writing stretches my mind and concept s. it gives me cause to ponder , to look at things in new ways and create new thought patterns .How exciting and enlivening that is:D :hug:
virginsuicide123 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you amaze me twice now...
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:snowflake: MERRY :santa: CHRISTMAS :snowflake:

get down with jesus. :giggle:
demonlight Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2004  Professional Writer
'Ello. I classify you as a literary deviant. As such, you qualify for a watch, as long as you respond. I am trying to round up as many writers as possible, because we simply don't get enough recognition. So we will have to give each other recognition instead. So if you comment me, I'll do the same for you. I make it a matter of pride to leave in depth critiques, and value my DevFriends.

What do you think?

(please note that I am away this week - so it might be a little while before I get back to you)

PS, If you take me up on this offer, take a look at my journals. Your existential arguments kind of corroborate mine. Nothing is truly original.
Laced-Lenore Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2004  Hobbyist
Free falling into the playground of your mind.
Deviant watching your words...
54b Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2004
Hey, You're a friend of Metaphysicals. I grew up with, and just wanted you to know I find your revelations intruiging.
jphnx22 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2004
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Hey how are things going, been away from deviant art for a while so I just thought I would drop a line.
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Long time no see.
MagicalDeviantJew64 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2004
Thank you, darling, for the favorite on "In My Basement." I shall return to your site soon. :-)
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