Hello everyone

Bullet; Green  I have reviewed folder by folder and all those that were full were already replaced by new folders :squee:

Bullet; Yellow  I will be giving maintenance to the group, so if suddenly you see some things moved, do not be scared, in the same way, the group will not stop, feel free to continue sharing your beautiful art.

Bullet; Orange  If you think that a specific folder is needed, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments, and if I consider it prudent, I will create the necessary folders to have a better organization in the group

Bullet; Red  I would thank you with all my heart to let me know when a folder has been filled, most of the time I do not realize when that happens, so I do not replace it immediately, but with your help, this can be avoided, just send a note to the group

Bullet; Purple   Anything related to the group, please send a note to the group, avoid sending it to my personal account, so I can maintain an order where the notes arrive and for what purpose they are

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