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Bullet; Pink Hi hi Artists, today I want to help you with a simple theme, but many people don´t know

Bullet; Purple Sometimes it happens that by some error of click, or because we forget to read and our hand is usually faster than our eyes, we publish an image in an incorrect folder
it's understandable, since anyone can make mistakes, it's human.

Bullet; Yellow So, I'd like to show you how to remove that uploaded image to an incorrect folder from the group, so that you can upload it to the correct folder.

Bullet; Green This would be a great help for the administrators, since we often receive notes in the group with this topic, so that we can fix and place the image in the right place.
I know that fixing one or two images is not a problem, but when they are too many, it takes a lot of time, and it would be easier for everyone to know how to fix their own images.

Bullet; Blue This works as much for deviatons as for journals:

1.   Go to the page of your image:

Incorrect Deviaon2 by MhaxiR

2. Go down, until you see the option featured in groups

Incorrect Deviaon3 by MhaxiR

3. Click on the little pencil, after, click in Remove Deviaton From This Group:

Incorrect Deviaon4 by MhaxiR

4. You will get a confirmation window, click on accept:

Incorrect Deviaon5 by MhaxiR

5. After this, you can re-upload the image in the correct folder

And that's it!!!
Doing this, it's easier for the deviatons to be corrected faster, and that you can do it yourself.

I hope this information is helpful.

Loves you:  :iconmhaxir:

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