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The rules of the group will be modified little by little according to what is necessary

Bullet; Purple GENERAL

     Bullet; Blue This is a group to show or find art of all kinds
     Bullet; Blue Only members can submit their art.
     Bullet; Blue No stealing other people's work.
     Bullet; Blue Please be kind and considerate of others.
     Bullet; Blue No spamming

Bullet; Purple JOINING

     Bullet; Orange Who wants to join the group, is welcome, just click on the button "join our group", your request will be accepted automatically   
     Bullet; Green Any high command (co founder, contributor, administrator, etc.) will be included in the group by direct invitation of the founder(Bullet; Red Status: closed Bullet; Red)

Bullet; Purple SUBMISSIONS

     Bullet; Yellow We accept any kind of art
     Bullet; Yellow Please upload your deviaton to the correct folder
     Bullet; Yellow The featured folder is exclusive for high commands
     Bullet; Yellow The global submission limit is 2 deviatons per day
     Bullet; Pink Mature content is allowed as long as it has its corresponding filter and is placed in the MATURE folder

Bullet; Green If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a note!
We also appreciate if you could let us know when a folder is full, or if anyone breaks the group rules. Have a nice day!

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