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Yamato Twilight

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Soo Big shiP (dat kantai)
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Inspired by This cool guy
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Like all of your pictures recently, you should be proud of this one. I see you making progress with each picture, and this picture is no exception.

I'll start with Twilight. The shading and texturing of her fur and mane is excellent. As absurd as the subject matter is, these details make Twilight look realistic. I guess it's tough with socks, but her legs don't have the same level of shading as the rest of Twilight. Also, there is a layer of what appears to be distant haze that is layered over her legs. The shading also suggests that there is another light source besides the sun and the explosions. I do like Twilight's pose: it makes her look powerful.

The scenery is beautiful. Of course, sunsets make everything look good, but it's especially true here. The hues of the sky and shading of the clouds compliment Twilight well. I really like the way you do waves too. Overall, your style of scenery is unique and eye-catching. I also like how the Patreon logo isn't as obtrusive as some other artists make it.

This picture is an interesting take on the giant pony theme that's been rampant in this fandom recently. From someone that's not familiar with the anime, I'd say this idea was executed well. If I had the money to spare, you may be the first artist I'd support.
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Очень красиво! Впечатляет
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TheCouncil10000Student Writer
I bet 20 bucks my friend couldn't find a MLP Yamato crossover. Looks like I lost. Thanks.
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DiscordTheGEProfessional Digital Artist
2e0359 by DiscordTheGE  
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Odiz General Artist
:icontwilightsparklecutegrinplz: now we just need Yamato Twilight IN SPAAAAAAAAAACE!!!!!!!!
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That would be Argo if I'm thinking correctly, then again... I half expected Celestia to portray the Yamato. 
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Is she enchanting her bullets as she's fireing them or is she obliterating enemy aircrafts?
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morion87Hobbyist Writer
If this is trying to be historically correct for the Yamato (besides the obvious changes), then Twilight is firing a special type of shell that is designed for anti-aircraft fire.
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No, I meant what is her magic doing? but thanks anyways
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morion87Hobbyist Writer
Oops. Then I think she's using it as a shield. Luckilly, if this is being correct to the anime, then she's not really killing anything.
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Awesome one of twilight here
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jeroen01Hobbyist Digital Artist
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I really love it! <3 it's so epic!
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jerzeyboy1995Hobbyist General Artist
No amount of AA will save you Twimato.
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She seems rather happy about the people she just killed.
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M00N-CHASERHobbyist General Artist
This make me very VERY happy. Thank you.
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-Starts humming the Star Blazers theme-
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You put so much effort into each piece.
It's gorgeous and I love the detail.
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LuneBatProfessional Digital Artist
Офигенно классно)
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morion87Hobbyist Writer
Both beautiful and awesome! Now I want to give it a story. If I can?
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ConcordMaksHobbyist Digital Artist
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