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Commission for ENNebula with his character - Leona Onyx Mercury, a crystal watchpony, guarding the young Crystal Empire.
The spring already came to this place, and every crystal pony preparing a fields for planting. But young Crystal Empire is a mystery and dangerous mountain region. Dense pine forests, wild nature and other hazarts for pony require a skilled pony-pathfinders. Leona is one of them.

P.S: i'm ready to new commissions, just ask about what you want. ^_^
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Gonna be honest with you, the design under the tail made me do a double take to make sure it wasn't what it looks like. That's probably something you want to modify a little bit if you don't want to raise a few eyebrows.
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Impressive work!
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Amazing detail 
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The white scruff doesn't seem to have any shading and it kinda sticks out
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Yes, that's my bad. At all, i wanted draw another pose with another head placing. This pose is not very suitable for a portrait.
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It still looks very nice though tbh
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Once again, you brought an OC to brilliant life under your hand. This solemn mare is very distinctive with her glassy-textured coat, and the use of its details even where it only peeks through her armor makes for a wonderful consistency in Leona's motif. The armor itself is very classy and very stylish in a way that's both beautiful but also a bit powerful, even menacing. Yet the frills at the edges add a lot of cuteness that feels like it's part of her personal style more than the uniform's. Though her attitude is admirable enough now it's even charming.

Leona seems very serious and steadfast with her stare out on the edges of the realm; however it seems like she's also taking that moment in mid-step to appreciate the gorgeous Crystal capitol and breathtaking scenery. (The close-up scenery is terrific too.) Though it makes sense she'd doff her helmet to see better I can't help but think she appreciates a breath of air and the sun in her mane as she soaks up the beauty of it all.

Thanks to you and ENNebula for sharing this great scene.

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Лапочка :3
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absolutely stunning!!
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This is beautiful. 
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