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Unexpected present

Commission for VinHD
I know, the New Year has already come, but it's never too late to give a present to somepony. Even if she is a super-modern aircraft (even spacecraft) Cloudbreaker and your present is a scheduled annual update XD.
And new commision slots are available as usual. I have a little queue here, but if you want something from me - just write me about it.
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Потягаться с Рейнбоу Дэш, техника против таланта.

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Awww... i love mechanical ponies, they are so cute... an even cuter in this artwork, amazing :3
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Awh pony plane artwork, man I was afraid that was dead...great art peices man this is so cool
K4nK4n's avatar
This is so cool!
Fire-Link's avatar
Awesome work. How's things going?
VinHD's avatar
With only one reference of this character, he managed to do such an exceptional job that it can't even be rated on a scale from 1-10, the detail just breaks my mind.
Kachu-AppleKiwi's avatar
Plones are so fantastic ^^
fanliterature101's avatar
Can you draw Kiva next?
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*0* So much detail!! This is outstanding!
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Then...what's in the box
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a hook to get up from bed ... i love this idea :)
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Love the lightning and the colors in the hole picture, especially those smooch lines of character.

It looks amazing, and she is really a nice and cute pony plane :)
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Awesome picture!
Pegajen's avatar
Why have I never heard of airplane ponies before?! TAT They're cute, and what an interesting concept!

In regard to the drawing, great job as always Discord, and what's with that tiny little ladder attached to the end of her bed? Does she have a pet mouse or something? XD
DiscordTheGE's avatar
This is a hangar room, and this ladder for staff and mechanics, of course. XP
But i don't completely know about the lore of these ponies. Perhaps they work and function completely autonomous.
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Oh. o.o I wonder then if the staff and mechanics are regular ponies? Now I'm curious. I'll have to look up more info about these airplane ponies. >3>
DiscordTheGE's avatar
Possibly, we can find a lot of fanfictions about this theme.  Something fused with transformers uniwerse, but i'm not sure (as in the fact that I will write something on this universe, maybe i'll draw). BTW, all this stuff with kantai ponies, aircraft-ponies and panzer-ponies (i have not seen it yet, but i'm sure, that this exists) definitely have some relations with transformers. Or War Thunder/World of (insert vehicle).
Pegajen's avatar
Oh, really? o.o Do you know if anyone has done any comics of this concept? Because while I'll definitely check out fanfictions of it I'd love to read a comic of it.
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