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The cultural victory

I love Civilization franchise so much. But I don't have time for it (and I love Stellaris more than this :P) . So, for this reason I didn't buy the Civ. VI... But I can draw it anyway XD.
So, I decided to redraw this picture with Celestia and Luna, the greatest rulers of Equestria. I hope, this will be secure me the cultural victory :3
I didn't plan to repeat the original image, so I made it in my own manner.
(or I still have an opportunity to redraw this picure for another type of victory  Full by DiscordTheGE ) 
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You know, I've been favoriting your content for a while, but I feel like giving some extra props for making a BREATHTAKING tribute to one of my favorite gaming series!  Out of curiosity, will you be making any more "Civ/Stellaris/4X Strategy Game Victory" drawings?  Because if I could put in a request, I'd like to see a Civ Space Race Victory (which can also double as a Stellaris Prologue, come to think of it:…).

If you're wondering how to make an outer space shot of a rocketship seem MLP, one idea I had was to have some pony astronauts in the foreground, with the Pegasi spacesuits covering their wings, but I'll leave it up to you, if/when you get around to this.  Sweating a little... 
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Oh my, that's an amazing idea  B1c by DiscordTheGE .  But I simply cannot create it more often on my initiative. So, I started Ko-Fi page in that case. If I'll get more free from commissions money, I'll be able to create most of My ideas.
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Eh, fair enough.  Good luck!
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Luna White White Eyes You Have (Princess Luna) YOU SPENT THE ENTIRE TREASURY ON WHAT?
Princess Celestia Icon Profile Well when you put it that way I guess a mountain size statue was a bit excessive. We should be fine unless the Dragons wake up and start attacking our tax revenue.
Princess Luna ........
:iconcelestiaohplz: Oops.
Princess Luna So what is your plan in dealing with the Dragons with no money to pay the soldiers?
:iconcelestiagrinplz: OH that's easy. Iherbyabdicatethethronetoyoumysisterhaveanicedaygoodbye. (door slam)
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That is one of the biggest bronze statue of both alicorn princesses I have ever seen!
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Oh WOW! That's STUNNING! <3
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woooowww soooo coooooolllll i love it
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Oh this is amazing, what inspired this beautiful piece :icondiscordthege: ?
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Вау, прекрасно! *о*
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The rulers and protractors of Equestria. :D (Big Grin) So... Diplomatic Victory would be what? Friendship?
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Yes. And total world worship to princesses is the Religious Victory)
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Equestria's Colossus! :D
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You did a good job there Cat nods 
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Wow, this looks so gorgeous! :D
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When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)… "The worth of a culture is not measured by its accomplishments, but in how those accomplishments last and how they are remembered. The beauty that you have inspired our people to create will ensure that our culture stands for all time."
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That's a good saying.
(We just need to build bigger statue, comrades, then they will respect us 2b715f by DiscordTheGE
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What type of boost does this building give?!  La la la la

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Mmm... Perhaps it gives something related with religion)
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Ha ha, Celestia would enjoy that. :3
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