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Symphony of the void pt.2

Commission for CaptainSpyro. The battle for the Tambelon from the side of Starswirl the bearded,  Mage Meadowbrook and Radiant Hope against the Pony of Shadows. 
(this all looks like a reference to the Avengers)
The frist part.
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So, is Stygian hypnotized or what?
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Hey cool! Nice work here! Say how do you do an action/fighting scene? Any ideas? Anything?
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Err...I just make it. And get inspired by metal music)
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Your SO welcome! Just keep doing your best working and do your best overall alright? 
Vinylicious-Pon-3's avatar
Holy, this is awesome!!
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Awesome work! :thumbsup: :love:
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This seriously looks like Avengers Infinity war!
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Whoa! Epic and amazing.
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I love you man! This is intense, brilliantly detailed, As I said, I LOVE your work! You are second to none in my book! <3
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LOVE IT! Keep up the amazing work!
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Another awesome art.. how long you can make this..?
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Around 16 hours in total. Thanks ^_^
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OvO it's.. woahh...
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to bad well probably never get to see grogar in the show id love to see him i never seen gen 1 mlp but ive seen pictures i like him
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Holy heck.
Pure amazing. I love the flame details on the Pony of Shadows especially. Adds a unique touch to him.
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