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Sunset Dance

Commision for Moonlightsilk. ("This is not luna, this is my OC" (С))  14b560 by DiscordTheGE
I really like doing images in the arabic setting. So mystical and bewitching culture. =3
If you want to request me too, then send me a message, i don't bite (with one fang this is inconvenient )
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so adorable in pose and outfit

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Love the Turkish-style background! Long live Hagia Sophia <3
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How does one even do this kind of God-tier artwork
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This lovely pony looks fantastic even in just her base form with that dancing pose and sweet smile; her deep stare is both intelligent and kind, and I like how you emphasized that with the lighting. Then her outfit is gorgeous, complimenting her form wonderfully while looking pretty neat itself. So many beautiful little details and accessories too. Using her magic to create the ethereal veil looks great too, especially as it lets the awesomeness of how you used her mane and tail to help convey her agile yet fluid motions show clearly.

Finally, the patio and especially the city, skies and ocean in the background build up the lively yet peaceful mood even more. No wonder that pony on the minaret is enjoying the beauty of it all. So much awesome details that I won't mention because it would make my post very long, but just know that I've taken the time to enjoy each and every one. Thank you and MoonlightSilk for sharing.
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Aye ! I love pones in exotic outfits !!
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She's really gorgeous!
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So beautiful! *o* I love the atmosphere here!
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Looks really lovely ^^
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whos that in the tower?
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Random sentinel janissary. ^_^
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ah right.. why not i guess
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Што значит "Нат Луна"? о.о
Тогда это плагиат Луны. Вот.
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Заказчик сказал, что це есть Верная слуга Ее Величества.
Собсно над "Исполнением обязанностей" я и работаю сейчас) 
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насколько верная? О_О
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В пределах приличия. Это же все-таки "Ближний Восток" =P
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поонятно. Ждем пока заказчик заплатит и захочет поделиться ^_^
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Clap Красиво
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I love these Arabic settings too. They let you make very unique and colorful pictures.
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Great work on this. It looks really cool.

Actually, "cool" and "great" don't really cut it. This picture is so much more than just that. It's awesome, really.

I don't think I ever have fabulous enough ideas in order to commission you on a sensible way D;
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