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Student reality

Recently, mr.Yakovlev-Vad had posted this picture at 3 or 4 am and thereby predicted my morning. >_<
I thought about predicting his evening, but he is not a student yet, so I decided to predict my future - playing in Kerbal Space Programm XD. In addition, Twilight is in love with rocketry, isn't it? )
P.S: Grr, the KSP downloaded at speed 100Kb\s >_<. It's time to change the provider.
P.S.S: If she would playing in the Stellaris on a picture, the picture would show my night before Vad's prediction)
P.S.S.S: Thanks to all, who said me about legitimacy of the hoof magic.
P. and a lot of S: Вадим, прекрати кормить Селестию, она скоро перестанет влезать на картинки)
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Of course, there's gotta be video games in a student's life. ;p
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Хотите узнать как мы, хвостатые и копытные играем в игры ?
А вот как ! тач-тач-тач-тач...  :)
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Давай вон того слева с танка ***и!
- Ща за пивандрием сгоняю...
- РД, какое пиво, Твайка танк про***ла почти!!!
- Я в порядке!
- Твай, ты на звание идешь, значит уже в крупе!
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5 баллов из 5

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Да прям ваще))
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Didn't notice the jet at first, pretty cool!
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Big fan of KSP here as well~
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why is she playing KSP?
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Because she wants to fly into space!
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Awesome piece! The holographic Mig-31 is icing on the cake.
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Thanks :3. Actually i wanted to add a rocket, but the MiG have more details...And looks cooler)
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Adorable!!!! I think we've all spent late nights devoted to one game or another :P

It's been a while for me, but I still remember. So cute! :thumbsup: :love:
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Oh so Twilights playing a space program simulation, thought for a moment she was playing mechwarrior.
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Argh, how I wish this could be me right now. :XD:
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Reading the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
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She is gamer not student.
I'm sure because I'm one.
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