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Reach for the sky(Wasteland cowboy)

Meet the wasteland McCree, who always know when be hight noon. Especialy when his little girl support him :3
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Was sent here by :iconestories:

Looks like Calamity and Velvet have broken through... Matrix style! :)
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You two helped make all of this possible. 
The attention to detail is awesome, and those two look happy together. :) Great picture. ^_^
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Hmm. Don't think I've got to the prosthetic wing yet.
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Love the detail here, especially Cloudsdale and the Thunderhead in the background. Almost sad in a way, seeing the last pre-war Equestrian city, actually.
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As high as HIGH NOON.
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You hit the mark, Partner)
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Stunning work!
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Best FO:E art I've seen in a long time :)
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