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Ottoman princess

Based on "The magnificent century"  (a Turkish TV-series about Ottoman Empire) =3

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Nice art work you did.
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Those markings look excellent. Great work.
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Maybe on that time, but now i would make some corrections in colors and texture.
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Looks great either way.
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this is soo awesome XD
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Omg that's BEAUTIFUL I love Turkey<3
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I'm turkish ı LOVE IT ! :heart:
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Love Luna's outfit and love the background, amazing work! ^^
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I don't recall tatoos, however badass, being a part of Ottoman court culture (although Suleiman the Magnificent… have used a couple to balance out that ridiculous turban) but then they weren't ponies, either. Very cool!
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This is impressive as hell :o
Though the wings are a bit too thin in my opinion.
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Whoa! That looks awesome!
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Great take on the Ottoman culture!
O_o.... everything is permitted.
*jumps from the rafters on luna*
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Darn... those tattoos 0.o
Great details! I love the way you draw hair... I've got to learn that.
 Any tips?
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Mind = blown... :+fav:
New wallpaper!
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Assassin's Creed Woona!!! :D
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Проверь ссылку на всякий случай, у меня она никуда не ведёт.
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