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Old world blues

Melancholy...Melancholy never changes. So i just drew some relax picture with one of my loved pony - Velvet Remedy :3. I hope, you like her too =3
UPD: my most favorite Fallout OST composition for this.
And about commisions....meh, it's complicated. Almost every day now i come home from college, eat smth and shut down. So, i don't take new commisions until...maybe until the 15th of January. Current commisions still hold (If you still remember about me =3). I submit current customer list soon.
And now i just want some sounds of arabian oud and long 12 hours sleep
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Velvet Remedy is one of my very favorite ponies.

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This is my new wallpaper :D AWSOME
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Очень интересно нарисована, я её даже не сразу узнал.))) Great job!
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А почему не сразу узнал? Есть какая-то общепризнанная версия?
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В основном из-за гривы, уж больно она роскошная получилась. Общепризнанная это которая в рисовке мультсериала)))
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В рисовке мультсериала?! Не шарю.
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О, дак ты еще и Русский, здорово)
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This is just wonderful work. ^^
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Wonderful work
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Вув, ты вернулся ?))
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Не полностью
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This is gorgeous! I love your shading and just everything about this! 
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