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Moonlight Effect

Commision for MoonlightSilk (massive pack of Arabic pony)
She is an alicorn-goddes of time and fate. After another temporary jump she found on her wing a suspiciously familiar
butterfly(WaRning! С0nt1nuum break is unav01dable),  (:3).
I wanted to portray her some sci-fi arabic setting, but it's kinda usual pre-sci-fi, meh.
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Please get in touch with me. I will send you chat. This is an an incredible piece that I would like to commission.

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amazing work!
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Amazing work ^^
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Your artwork is fucking gorgeous, dude...
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That green screen looks like Pip-Boy from Fallout
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Marvelous work! The varied detailed in the background and her mare is stunning!
Soooooooooooooooooo beautiful!
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Again, you did an amazing job of bringing one of MoonlightSilk's wondrous characters to life. She looks amazing, with so much beautiful form and elegant details, and not least of all her delighted smile and even that she stopped in the middle of checking her gizmo to appreciate the magical little visitor. Her mussed-up mane and tail are still great with their luster and the free-flowing strands adding some charm of their own. Her carefully crafted cutie mark clearly has some deeper meaning.

Moonlight Effect's wings are great enough to begin with, but then showing off the feather vein detail from the butterfly's light make its presence extra-special… perhaps even a bit intriguing. It's sweet how she's taking this time, smiling and really appreciating the little things, and really nice work on the reflections in those gorgeous eyes.

I like the fancier livery collar, with a little more depth in metalwork and some extra bling; the lace collar with the frilly trim accents it very well and somehow makes her seem more approachable while also more elegant. The diaphanous letting with matching trim contrast heavily against the awesome technology adorning her forelegs, and the sensor wires help blend in the digital theme.

The park is lovely too, and keeping the light post low to show off some foreground detail while letting use fully enjoy the breathtaking cityscape worked great. Actually, the gently sparkling of those "splash fountains" on the top of the lights add a feeling of curious excitement, and of course the crescent moon gives it all a delightful glow. The night sky compliments it al nicely, and the lone, quiet dirigible is a neat tech. touch.

BTW, did somepony drop their snack under the park bench? Also, I hope she doesn't get too distracted and take longer to find that critter showing in her holographic display. :)

Wow, I got a bit carried away again? It's well deserved though. Thanks you two again for sharing.
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I also thank you for it. Always, when i read your comments, i think that i've done my work not in vain. 1449001892155960638 by DiscordTheGE  
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WOW! BEautiful!
Такой красивый арт, так приятно просто на него смотреть... Это очаровательно =)
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^_^ я тронут, спасибо)
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oh my, such a gorgeous tail (>^ω^<)
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I love this. Somehow, you managed to make an image that is relaxing, futuristic, and Arab-inspired. How the heck do you pack it all into one picture?
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I don't know, but work with this picture was so relaxing to me in particular. Love this color palette set =3.
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Teach me..........................
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Well, do you speak Sanskrit, doctor? (C) 14b560 by DiscordTheGE  
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DARN it nah i don't i speak English and a tiny bit of Italian :T
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Nevermind, google translator fix it)) (C)
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