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Magic of nature

Who knows which things nature can create in entire universe?(except crossed atmospheres like here)
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:dizzy: remake This makes me dizzy. :dizzy: remake 
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Very sweet, Fluttershy!
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Головокружительно)хд, что за ядерный взрыв на фоне?)))
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Просто вода перетекает с одной планеты на другую, ничего необычного =3
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Межгалакический водопад? Действительно, обыденность какая)))
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Dayum. There's so much to look at here. More is more!
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Wow! Nice color and composition! :)
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love the splashes of colors!
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I love dynamic in-flight pictures!  If you rotate the picture to put the ground on the bottom and the sky up above, she's at quite a flight angle so close to the ground arcing around that glowing blue floaty thing.  If she's going fast or there is little to no gravity, not a big deal.  If she's slow, she better flip around quick so the lift of her wings will keep her from crashing.  I love her facial expression, braided main & tail, little wing covers and red/green tats or accents.  Good job!  More in-flight pics please.  :)
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Imagine if seeing this while high
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Whoa, that's really trippy. It looks like something Rain-Gear would have made.
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