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Let me take an Egypt selfie!

A typical girl makes typical photo XD
Based on this artwork
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Awwwww sooooooo cute :3 <3
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This level of unadulterated adorableness shouldn't even be legal! Christ!

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DAAAAAAAWWWW!!!!Heart Heart Heart Love 
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Imma boop you, Somnambula!
JungleDyret-2000's avatar
Cuuuuuuuuuuuute!!! ^^
LizardWithHat's avatar
Greetings 'nambu :squee: 
KevinCancheJam's avatar
Ojos que te atrapan... :3
EverlastingJoy's avatar
I see those apples in her eyes.
BB-K's avatar
Love the details how you did, especially the eyes. :)
AriadnaART's avatar
Awww cutttteee!!
HanaBakedBananas's avatar
This is so adorable! This looks like it took a very long time to make! You are such a great artist!
Makenshi179's avatar
AWWW so cute, I just wanna snuggle into her face..!!
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UncheckedCookie's avatar
going by the reflection in her eyes i assume she's using apple
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Holy crap!  Those eyes!
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This art..... *Takes a deep breath* Oh Gee its amazing!
The lighting is well done! The Eye reflection on point and the entire art....

templar127's avatar
Blep like an egyptian! X3
Minochu's avatar
what a cutie! Heart_Heart  
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