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Jungle pioneers

By DiscordTheGE
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Persistent pony adventurers have found an uncharted land. Time to collect some relics!

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Then Daring Do appeared and shouted

"Hey! That's MY dungeon! Keep your hooves off it! Is that okay Ahuitzotl?"

He thumbed up. All three ponies looked at her confused and angry.

"Yeah, I turned into a dungeon guardian since I learned I took some valuable relics. So, stay away from this one!"

"Or else what?"

"I won't say... I will show you..."

Awesome work. This looks very great. It's just funny how small those saddlebags are for all the important stuff they would need. Magic bags, maybe?

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Fantastic work!

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Excellent detail on the backdrop and the character designs! Outstanding job!

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Adventure Time, Come on grab your friends, We'll go to very distant lands...

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a wonderful adventure. your use of focus in the picture between the characters and background is really good. <3

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That's absolutely gorgeous! Amazing work

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Kinda feels like Ducktales with that background :)

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