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Imperial pleasure

...Speaking of cats. Recently i remembered the phrase "Big cat needs big cat's comb" from somebody (i don't remember, who actually it was), and decided to portray it XD
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Woo Aloe and Lotus are the best masseuses there ever were. 
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The spa ponies really can handle anything.
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Cat beautification in progress!
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Cats for all, comяade.
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Wow, big cat needs big scale grooming. :)
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Everyday grooming, i emphasize)
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Having cat and pony at the same time is awesome.
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But sphinx is better. With her you do not have to worry about the divine pantheon which you will be profess XD
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she is lovely for sure, always did like the sphynx, smexy cat :3
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как ты быстро рисуешь
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Нахлынуло просто, вот и слепил по фасту)
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well those two have their work cutout for them
the little blep is a nice touch xD so cute for someone so big
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Вот честно, я не любитель таких песен, но при виде этой картины сразу вспомнил:
"Восточные сказки
Зачем ты мне строишь глазки..." :D (Big Grin) 
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Хах, лол XD
Ну при работе я несколько часов подряд слушал ОСТ из фильма "Астерикс и обеликс: Миссия Клеопатра" 
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