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Gothic coolness

Commision for CaptainSpyro.
There should have been the Dark Souls Irithyll setting, but this have more blue than I can endure. =P
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I used it for a wallpaper scene. I think, you will not mind. (Source linked)…
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Of course not, thanks :3
Strangely, this does kind of seem like an actual gothic version of American Gothic...   (with pones of course)…
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Incredibly painted background, really beautiful!
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(゜。゜) on the desktop I'll put
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I swear, GE...I'm never going to stop being amazed by your artwork. :wow: This is amazing! From the architecture, to the moon and sky, to the characters. It's all beautiful! :clap:
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Love the detail here! Plus deer are awesome!
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As always, you did an amazing job on the city, from city layout, architecture, to every little detail – and then it's all brought to lovely life with the lighting and fog, mixed breezes and sweet lighting effects for a quiet yet stately mood. However it's very nice to see that there is some liveliness in the night as this lovely pair of warriors keeps watch. The sweet unicorn is quite pretty on her own, especially as the different lights play off her happy face and smooth texture, plus her terrific armor. (I like the soft lining on her breastplate, BTW.) Neat set of weapons too. Her deer friend looks very calm and wise yet his subtle smile still expresses his good cheer quite nicely. Thanks to you and CaptainSpyro for sharing more of your awesomeness.
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I appreciate the kind words for the idea; though as always most of that belongs to the artist. He is an amazing talent. ^^
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Yes, but you also deserve a nod for supporting the arts. :) I appreciate it.
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The Unicorn reminds me of Sailor Moon for some reason (cause of the wand, maybe). Otherwise, great job!
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There is never too much blue!!!! :p

Seriously though you have out done yourself once again. The attention to detail, the coloring, all just so beautiful. Love it so much. <3
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Черт, как же круто, оставлю ее себе и пусть постоит на рабочем столе)
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Лучшая похвала)
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The is just beautiful! Amazing work!
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The detail is ASTOUNDING <3 
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Oh wow! That is superb DtGE! You did a really, really wonderful job on this; the setting is especially nice with lots and lots of luscious details and such a great mood. The light placement is spot on as well; nicely balanced and leads the eye to the characters as it should.

Really well done!
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Agreed.  The near lantern and the unicorn's magic aura are especially eye-catching.  Gotta wonder why she needs an axe for appreciating the view though. :P
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Oh wow. Gothic coolness is right! /)
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