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Friday sunset

-Gash, this was be so "hot" week =3
I think, that "Monday morning" was made a little poorly (of course this is so, i was making it on my laptop =|), and i decide to redraw it. From these two images that image express a warm lovely emotion of the week's ending.
P.S: I was doing it when the temperature outside..and inside my house >_< was close to THE HELL FIRE
P.P.S: Patreon (IT'S ALIVE)<- search HD-version there. =3
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Nice art work you did.
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Mama CelestiaHeart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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That looks real omg that’s amazing!!!
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This is why the days get longer... - Celestia plays all night and sleeps in!
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Beautiful wing details
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Great work. How's things going?
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beautiful artwork!
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MY EYES! Just....too...awesome...of....a...picture!
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Simply beautiful
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Now THIS is a niceee angle !
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So pretty, Eeeeee!
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Lovely work on the princess after her "shower." :) Of course the sun needs to be set, rain or shine, and this only makes for more silver linings. Anyway, she looks fantastic with the wet look, and it's also super coot to see her mane and tail all mussed up as she lays flopped on her bed, checking out her feed in lieu of properly drying off first. Maybe an occasionally drip-dry feels good, especially if has been a hot day.

You did a lovely job on the detailed and very cozy background, plus the gorgeous landscape under the fading light and remaining clouds. The atmosphere feels even more heartwarming with the curtains being blown around by the fading winds. Terrific work on the lighting, sunbeams and shadows to match. Thanks for sharing.
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Absolutely gorgeous! And I like the "bed hair". :D
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The detail and lighting on this picture is impressive. Keep it up! Clap 
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Милая пушистая)
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