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Freepegasus colonist

Stellaris is the best RT space strategy of the world. I was thinking about drawing something, linked with the game (and my Free Pegasus Khalifat (this is a fanatic-spiritual egalitarian empire and my pegasus adapted to life on a desert planets XD).
Inspired by Sempai =3 (happy birthday, mate ^_^)
Music that inspired me: Civilization VI Soundtrack - Arabia The Atomic Era
                                    Orphaned Land – El Meod Na'ala (live Or-Shalem) (Cool guys, rly)
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Damn i like this style

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hooooly shet this looks amazing! I absolutely adore every inch of this drawing! please keep it up!

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Rainbow Dash looks great.

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Rainbowdash is So cute and ti's is beautiful silhouette :)
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this is incredible you impress me a lot ^^!!!
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Now that looks awesomeLove !
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it's fantastic.Clap 
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It's cool to see Equestria blend so well with science
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I imagine future equestria would have a clean techno nature paradise aesthetic using completely renewable energy sources.
I know you are going for a image from Stellaris, but the googles and the glowing thing on her chest made me think she is dressed as Tracer from Overwatch.
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Probably...Actually i don't remember, what was inspired me on this, so the crossover with Tracer have the case.
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would love to find a way to put this in the game its been a while since ive played it though 
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These look better as screens when the game is loading. It's just a matter of replacing those images with these ones when making a mod.
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cool ill have to look into figuring out how to do that
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I should play Stellaris...

Great art, by the way, I love the design on RD's clothing
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Прекрасно! Приятно видеть такое совмещение двух любимых вселенных. Спасибо Вам за это!
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The hair and wing detail is wonderful. Its a very lively piece and I feel like I should move out her way.  Great work.
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Cool gear, Dashie!
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New wallpaper!!! =D :+fav: *download
This picture is EPIC!!
Someone help me get this Cyborg 009 Call of Justice opening outta mah head.... (8/
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Man, now the mane kind of look weird to me but to the point is....I have not noticed the light/energy flowing across dashes wings

I especially like her leg thingies!
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