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Flying to the dawn

Commision for owlity 6e5f7d by DiscordTheGE 
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Ooh, how pretty this is! Love how the wings billow out slightly and the light shows in them, and they even have vein/stretch lines! The scenery makes me wonder where she is; it reminds me of Aladdin.
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That subsurface scattering tho
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The pony is so beautiful and graceful as she gently tilts towards us that she makes the wonderful moonlit night even more wondrous and magical. Her subtle, knowing smile makes me think there's something she wants us to know, but she's going to make us work a bit to find out what it is exactly. Whatever the case, she has a great mixture of grace and playfulness about her, making her very charming. The town below looks amazing too, and I especially would love to know what's going on in that grand hall on the left. Thanks for sharing this fantastical scene.
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Wonderful work! :D
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o_o wow, i'm jealous now (nice work it's impressive p= ) 
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She looks so STUNNING! You do such an amazing job with backgrounds! I just sent you a note. :thumbsup:
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Like the mane!Looks amazing!
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:jawdrop: So beautiful...... :wow: Just everything about it....

I do especially like the translucence of the wings. Nice touch, but all around beautiful work! :thumbsup: :love:
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The Thestral. Luna's chosen people.
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537254 by DiscordTheGE  Guardians of the night!
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Amazing stuff! Your coloring and line-work is always flawless!
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Absolutely stunning!! Meow :3 
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