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Commision for KaidynAmare.
Here is an illustration of wild postapocalyptic west from Fallout:Equestria franchise with their uncompromising sheriff - Lightning Flash. It looks not so postapocalyptic, i'll agree, but how actually will be look the wasteland after 200 years? Hopeless desert? I don't think so.
P.S: Why on spanish? I don't know, i just love spanish language)
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Wow!!! <3 Yum... this is so pretty. :D
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GASP! Protect me!
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He definitely strikes a nice confident pose, even if a bit prettier than the kind of gruff old bird one may expect in such a dangerous place. Surely his charm comes in handy when settling a lot of the little things before they turn into bigger problems. Such a handsome dude too, and really nice bit of tech he's sporting. Great beauty pose too, especially with the quiet beauty of the wastelands and setting sun framing him so nicely. Thanks for a peek into the peace keepers in this other world.
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The apocalypse never looked so picturesque ^_^
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ооо, топ эффект освещения 
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Сяб :3
Я на сфинксе его потренил недавно.
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здесь лучше с: 
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А это приспособление у него перед ртом, оно для стрельбы?
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Да, что-то подобное.
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Pure wallpaper material. The colors, lighting, just amazing as always. <3
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Thanks, nice to read it :3
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