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Egypt trouble

-But i just played with that bird =C
Aww, Emergence of this cute character has been announced by two weeks ago -… . I could not resist draw it ^_^
P.S Why i love to rotate ponies so much??
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Wow, my favorite character in the show. Exceptionally well done. Just criminal how small the sphinx's screen time was.

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Poor Somnambula. Both the place and the peasus.

Kyoshyu's avatar least it wasn't a laser pointer red dot? :D
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Interdimentional Ganymede, yes, it is)
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Cat things xD

BTW, I really miss my cat Waaaah! 
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Ooo.... I see Ganymede the bird. :)
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Oh no I want to rub her belly
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It will require too much efforts, won't it? XD
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More so I'm not sure she'd appreciate it :D
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Ro-ro-rotate your pone
Rotate your pone for cuteness
O_o... well at least she's TRYING to join da dog side....
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This is hilarious yet also too adorable for it not to have happened. First off, the big guy is super adorable just laying back like that after his "accident," and his hurt expression shows that he really feels bad about it. Meanwhile the Pharaoh is nicely expressive with her anger as she scolds him, though I still get the feeling that she is more worried about him being all right (just a little bit more). The little bird is cute being so worried about her huge friend too.

As for the chamber, you did freakin' gorgeous work all around, capturing the ancient Egyptian themes and making them amazing in every little detail. Oh, and that Anubis with the censor of white fire in his eyes blows my mind all by itself. (That really cranks up his menacing feel.) The other artifacts are lovely too, as are the many decorative touches throughout. Add the huge amount of damage plus the sand still pouring in as the dust lights up the sunbeams and there's a great sense of immediacy too. I'm guessing that curtain was fro the golden image on the brick wall… which he just destroyed with that giant crook. Oh well.

Anyway, you did an amazing job on the effects and textures too (especially cutie-monster's fluffy coat and ears), and so many elements come together to make this piece exceptional. Thanks for sharing the aftermath.

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Giant catponeburd ? 
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half pony, half cat; this is the most perfect creature ever (just after Rarity)
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Now i understand, why the cats don't like Rarity =P
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More than already? XD
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Of course, addition of pony and cad is equal the generation 4 pony, but here are more than just 1 cat  A9c6bd by DiscordTheGE  
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Hurray for more sphinx ponies :3
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