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Das Treffen mit dem Tier (Meeting the Beast)

- But who of us is the beast, little creature?
AWWW, suddenly, love to lynxes have been borned in my heart (maybe it happened after tons of videos on youtube), and i wanted to draw it. But i wasn't dare to draw just a lynx, it need a pony, who are love the creatures. Of course it is f...LUNA,YUP (inspired by :3). Who if not luna love all wild beasts and another creatures of everyfree forest?
HD version, sketch, and PSD-file(maybe) will be available on my patreon (BTN below). If you want any commisions, just ask me about it. I do not bite (like a pet-lynx ;3)
Untitled by DiscordTheGE PUSH ME

P.S: German make my work powerfully 14b560 by DiscordTheGE 
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Luna with a Lynx ?
Count me in, Lynxes are my favorite kitten. <3
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Just like any other piece you've made since I've been following you, the technique is pretty stellar. But the problem is the art style is contradicting itself. When I see that cat juxtaposed with Luna, it doesn't feel like it belongs to the same world as her. The fur on the cat is more detailed, the face doesn't really look like it belongs to My Little Pony. Luna's fur is also lacking texture. I know she's supposed to be cleaner, but it almost looks like she's made of plastic, (unless that's the intent and this is supposed to be a life sized doll in the forest.) The background fits because the show's background is also very colorful and detailed, and I assume amping that up by eleven is your M.O. In addition, those rocks might use a little bit more touching up. It feels like the extra layers you made for them didn't make it in the final product. I can't rightly say its your worst but coming from an artist as skilled as you, you can do much better
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What a beautiful work of art ^^
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мяаарруу!  Здорово! MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy 
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I'm kind of surprised to see a non-furious Lynx that close to someone :)
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Chest camel toe xD
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Adorable! I can definitely see Luna being a lynx fan...or a fan of any nocturnal animal, really. In my headcanon, watching over nocturnal animals is one of her duties.
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Hmm, pretty multitasking princess, isn't it?))
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Well, I doubt every pony is having dangerous enough nightmares that call for her intervention. Being the anti-Freddy Kruger can't be her only job.
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Probably, but it follows that she must do several works simultaneously, and for this she must be multidimentional creature...that sound does not so weird for alicorn-goddess)
Thanks for creating a version of Luna that would find the best of every creature, including both skunks and possibly skunk ponies as well.
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Niedlich! Aner ist das nicht ein Luchs
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You made Luna looks so beautiful. I love it. :D
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Love the subject matter an the expressions.
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mrr, mrr ...
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I feel like Luna's body is lacking in detail compared to the rest of the peace.
However it is a beautiful piece of art.
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Well, part of her duty is take care of the creatures of the night.

Awesome work
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Отличная работа) В интернете появился второй маньяк, который рисует большие сложные фоны леса вблизи)))
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