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Butterfly effect

Some practice after my business trip. I just adjust to my big screen after my laptop
P.S: I represent you a new model of pegas-hooves laptop(XD)
P.S.S: Cutiemark was added (thx, runner1 =3)
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I like this future version of mlp when I first see this piece work.

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Nice necklace addition!
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Holy Molly! This is absolutely stunning. This will occupy my desktop from now on
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Oh, my old works) *is trying to hide it*
Thanks :3
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Yeah. That is not to say I don't like most everything you make!
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cutest thing i've ever seen :3
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Из-за цвета браслета решил сначала, что у нее лишняя конечность -_-
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This is the most beautiful fanart of Fluttershy I ever seen , simply stunning !EMOTICON: Surprise 
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Still need some adjustments, but yup, i agree with you (modest me 14b560 by DiscordTheGE
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:wow: Absolutely stunning! :love:
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very beautiful :)
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Wow! I have a new favorite Fluttershy art piece. Excellent work!
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Thats magnificent... 
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Mindblowing!! :00 Super detailed! Thank you for this artwork!
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You're welcome =3
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Вау) Круто!:)
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WOW! incredible! thank you for drawing & sharing!
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Совершенно изумительнейшая работа. Больше мне нечего добавить. 
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