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Ancient fire dance

Commission for ZIOM5000 
Here is an ancient ritual of creating hand fire, performed by Katya (Catya XD) Ironstead, the transformed sphinx.

(wow, here i can put more congratulations >XD)
New commision slots are available. I have a little ( ̶n̶o̶t̶ ̶a̶ ̶l̶i̶t̶t̶l̶e̶) queue here, but if you want something from me - just write me about it, i don't bite (wrong, i have a fangs, so i can bite anypony >X3)
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Now I'm getting a vibe of the kind from Hawaii.
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Божечки, как же долго ты рисуешь эти фоны ?! 0_0 С нг, кстати :3
DiscordTheGE's avatar
Сяб ^_^
А с фонами я хз, я все в комплексе делаю, так что и время неделимое получается.
BellHeLLeR's avatar
А сколько времени у тебя уходит на целый арт, и если отделить его от персонажа, то сколько ? А если взять только основу и детализацию, без освещения и прочего ?
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На целый арт уходит 3-4 дня общего и где-то 10-14 часов рабочего времени. Если Попробовать отделить работу над персонажем от фона - то где-то 7-8 часов на фон. Но я не уверен).
А что значит "без освещения и прочего"? Я все делаю в комплексе, говорил же). Да и часто на 1-2 слоях, лишь вынося корректировки на отдельный слой. 
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Really cool! I love all the details!
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I swear, GE, all of your drawings are beautiful enough to be hung up. I know I'd buy them, if it wouldn't leave me broke. XD
DiscordTheGE's avatar
Oh, you flatter me. 1449001892155960638 By Discordthege-dbfa80r by DiscordTheGE
Thanks :3 
Pegajen's avatar
You're welcome. :iconapplejackplz: You deserve all of the flattery! Seriously. You're one of the best MLP artists I know. If I get to be half as good as you are I will be completely satisfied with my art skills. XD
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Beautiful! Like the setting!
Tiger-Hawk's avatar
Awesome I like the fire
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She's a fantastic and lovely creature, quite lively and intense enough even without the awesome sparking flames. You did a gorgeous job blending the pony and Sphinx styles to create her, and it's also quite perfect with her pose. Excellent work on her textures and depth as well, quite nicely matching with the lighting. Most of all, her vibrant charm and action feeling, along with that pleasant smile – perhaps with a tiny hint of bashfulness despite her expertise with the dance – is downright wonderful. As always, your scenery is unbelievably gorgeous, and I wish I could visit such a magnificent place, especially if I got to meet Katya too.

Thank you for this, and for all the beautiful work you have done and shared. I wish you a lovelier, happier 2018 and then even better every year after. :hug:
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Amazing masterpiece, the texture, the setting, the highlights, ... everything is just awesome Cutie Thumbs Up 
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Okay, that is cool. Gotta love Ancient Egypt, ponified. And Happy New Year!
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A lovely picture once again :)
Happy New Year!
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a really lovely pic, looks alike of one of my ocs, but kitty XD
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Beautiful! I love the overall scene, the lighting, the composition. (I'm not an artist, so the "rule of thirds" is about all I know regarding composition, but I do enjoy the effect nonetheless.)

[I also love how, after more than 20 years of having a sphinx OC, they are finally getting the love they deserve. Sure, we are riding a wave of popularity based on a particular TV episode, but I will take what I can get.]

Thanks again for another piece of beautiful art. :)
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The funny part is, this image wasn't even inspired by the popularity wave spawned by that certain episode, I've had this sphinx character for over three years ;P
DiscordTheGE's avatar
20 years? I guess you have strong addiction to sphinxes.(or catlike creatures, just like me XD)
Thanks and happy new year =3
sphynn's avatar
We just watched "The Neverending Story" again tonight and I think that's where my fascination with sphinxes started back in the 1980s. [Spoilers: the Southern Oracle was a manifest in two sphinx statues. She was one of the great protectors of the world and gave the hero the answers he sought to defeat the Nothing and save the Empress.]
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