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A.K. Yearling, an archaeologist

You can't imagine, how much i love the desert. It's so mysterious, hostile terrain for every unprepared wanderer. But, as you know, Daring Doo know all about travelling through unfriendly terrains to finding ancient treasures.
Inspired by track "Visa - Khamsin"

Also, i open for commisions. If you want something, read my exemplary price list on my homepage and just ask me about it.
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HolyCross9's avatar
I really like the way you drew Daring Do. She looks quite sexy and beautiful in your style. 
MonsoonVisionz's avatar
Omg this is stunniinnnggg, DD <3 
ZanarNaryon's avatar
Man, I'd love to be an archeologist. If real history wasn't so boring
VinnyMartello's avatar
Real history is actually pretty amazing. Did you know that anthrax has been used as a chemical weapon since the days of ancient Egypt? If you study the stuff they don't teach in the classroom, history is insanely cool.
b25Roman's avatar
Love this design. For some reason getting an uncharted vibe from this. Never stop drawing my friend. :)
skylacuna's avatar
!! You're backgrounds are absolutely mind-blowing! And you incorporate the characters so well into them. Definitely got yourself a new watcher!!
DiscordTheGE's avatar
3036d7 by DiscordTheGE  You're welcome)  
Gabriel-C's avatar
Love the vibes I'm getting off this thing: beautiful lighting and gorgeous shapes/backdrop. On a side note, in regards to Miss Daring Doo, those of America will think Indiana Jones, while maybe those of British inclinations and a knowledge of Doctor Who will immediately think Bernice Summerfield. ^_^
Again, very well done. ^_^
Gabriel-C's avatar
You're very welcome. ^_^
Vansart's avatar
Wow... I love Daring Do so much! You art its perfect! Thank you! ^_^
AesSidhe9's avatar
это очень круто!
Rosanna-Bradley's avatar
I don't like my little pony but this is cool.
NicolasDominique's avatar
This one is really nice :D
templar127's avatar
DeJiKo07's avatar
cajobif's avatar
Beautiful work
Epic-Prose's avatar
Very T.E. Lawrence/Lawrence of Arabia <3

Edit, misspelled his name. *cough*
DiscordTheGE's avatar
Hah, nice, but Lawrence wear white 
Epic-Prose's avatar
This is true, which is why it reminds me of him, but I know he wore white. 

Anyway, your art is amazing and this picture goes right into my favorites <3
DiscordTheGE's avatar
mmm...I'll think about ponyfication of Lawrence later. Maybe it will be roleplay for somepony)
Epic-Prose's avatar
I'm already contemplating working some Lawrence of Arabia stuff into my own Daring Do writing xD
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