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If you use Discord to chat, game, role-play, and more, become a member of DiscordApp today to participate in art events, join art servers, and meet other artists who also use Discord!

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Discord is a free instant messaging platform that you can access in your browser, or as an app for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

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Discord App Button (Free to use!) by 3wyl
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Me and Discord: Why I'm not returningAs some of you know, I was the proud owner of several Discord RP servers under the name Draconia, or Draconia City. This is my story, this is the reason why I will not be coming back to Discord for an extremely long time; if ever.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For a while, things looked good each time I had a server. Then, something happened and hackers showed up. Either Draconia I, which I started soon after arriving on Discord, or Draconia II, was stolen from me when one of my friends betrayed me, and tricked me in a moment of emotional duress into transferring the server to her, never to return it, and banning me. While I was away, she then gave the server to someone else, who she used as a scapegoat. The next Draconia was a similar disaster; which is probably why I confuse them so often. Draconia III was my next server. It was during this server's life when I first encountered someone calling themselves "Mitch". He was drunk that day, and slinging F-bombs almost every word out of his mouth. This guy triggered my PTSD from being raped when I was seven years old every time he said that word, so I told him bluntly, "Don't say that word around me, it makes you sound like a pedophile." He swore revenge against me, but I thought he was harmless. Boy, was I wrong. He was a hacker. Now going by the name "Alpha," he pursued me to Draconia III and attacked it. At first it was just an annoyance, him coming in the server and replacing all posts with the words "Alpha Was Here" a few thousand times. But when that didn't get my attention, it got worse. Eventually I had to shut down the server. Draconia IV was even more of a disaster, since by this time my reputation had been ruined. See, unbeknownst to me he had started telling everyone he met that I had kiddy porn on my computer! He claimed I had an app on my PC that looked like a second calculator, but instead was a kind of digital vault. Because of this, traffic on my server slowed down to a crawl, and there were more people lurking and not RPing than posting. Draconia IV ended when, after an angry rant against then-President Donald John Trump, I said some things that got my account (Saphira123456, AKA Kerry the Dragon King) deleted. I can't remember what those words were, but apparently Discord thought I was threatening the man. This was not true, of course, but Discord acted anyway. I wasn't banned from the service, but my account was deleted. A few months later, after recovering from the trauma of being removed from my platform where all my friends were, I started a new account, calling myself Drake the Dragon King. Also, my server name had changed to Draconia City, after my dragon kingdom's capitol in my lore. However, Alpha tracked me down yet again. He started returning and his friends came with him. Each time they came in, they would cause me to go on an emotional rant, which caused me to attack people randomly due to being, quite literally, driven crazy.I was also raided multiple times by others. As for what happened each time, here are the details:Draconia City I was eventually taken offline when I was forced to go offline for 14 days. Then after complying with this order, I got the ransomware Petya, courtesy of Alpha.Draconia City II was eventually taken offline when Alpha forced me to transfer command of the server to one of his pals. It was not given back. But the worst of it was Draconia City III, my last server. It was attacked by a new hacker, named Epsilon, who had been personally trained by Alpha on how to take me down.This new hacker was supposedly there to get justice for three people I had supposedly bullied into suicide, each time I went on an emotional rant and went off at random people. However, these rants were actually caused by Alpha and friends. I was just the tool Alpha used, in order to frame me. They are the ones who should suffer Epsilon's wrath. Epsilon refuses to believe this, however.Anyway, Epsilon took control of a bot, Larpaydenskabot, created by a fellow user, and used it to remotely delete Draconia City. He also remotely manipulated my account, repeatedly changing my username to things like "I simp for Trump" or "pedophile located here". He also used my account to post a disgusting picture of a naked, apparently-underage woman with the word "PORN" tattooed down her side, to all servers I was in at the time; then pinged everyone repeatedly to make sure the entire Discord world saw it. He also used my account to make pedophilic statements in public, as well as things like, "I'm freely admitting to being a pedophile, I'm sick and tired of hiding it." I could still type while he was on the account, I still had control. But he was able to temporarily override my control and post things that would be traced back to me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So that's my story with Discord. Now you know why I say I won't be coming back to it, why there won't be a next time. There's more than one reason for this, but you know one of them anyway:Discord and I are done. Potentially forever, since their "Trust and Safety Team" is such a big joke.They're untrustworthy and completely unsafe. And they boot people off their platform for nonsensical reasons, instead of the reasons they should boot people off, reasons like hacking.Alpha and Epsilon claim to be grey-hat hackers, but in reality they are cyberterrorists and cyberbullies, framing innocent people and ruining their reputation for their own foul purposes.Alpha, specifically, killed four people and used me and my emotions to do it; then framed me to get Epsilon to help him. Until they're permanently banned from Discord, and either tossed in either Guantanamo Bay or a supermax prison somewhere, I will not be returning to Discord.
Robot by suzarte01


  • This is a listing of servers created by members of DeviantArt.
  • Anyone and everyone is welcome to join these servers.
  • Each server has its own culture, environment, rules, members, etc.
  • Not every server will be right for you. If one is not, you are free to leave.
  • Any abuse reported to DiscordApp in relation to servers listed here will be sanctioned with a group ban.
  • Questions, suggestions, feedback? Please don't hesitate to note the group.
  • If you are kicked/banned from a server listed below, do not come to DiscordApp. We are not affiliated with any servers listed here and cannot do anything.
Discord App Button (Free to use!)

Art Servers

  • Animator Guild - Features multiple monthly challenges. It's fun, friendly, and helpful overall.
  • Art-Bible - This discord server comes with resources, critique area, art challenges, and more. We look to improve your current art and style, this server is only focusing on improvement and discussions of practice.
  • Art by P.Geier - NSFW Server where BloodyWing shares their art and a place where you can share your art as well. Has a channel to share commission experiences and places where you can turn your art into money.
  • Art Squad - A server for all artists to get together and meet other artists! A small community to give advice, chat and relax, share things and just make friends! Feel free to hop in, introduce yourself, and maybe gain a few friends.
  • Art with Revenov - Art with Revenov is a fan art sever, a place to share your own art and opinions as well as a community for those who are interested in joining, making friends and just having fun!
  • Artist's Alley - The Alley is a place for artists of all kind to chillax, chat, share their work and even win free art by gaining special roles.
  • Artists' League - This server is dedicated to helping artists showcase, create and inspire, here we allow artists to sell artwork, make commissions, ect we encourage artists big and small and help them connect with each other
  • Birb Nest - A server of artists where you can share and chats with others about anything from art to videogames
  • cafe loco - 3d Modeling, Animation, Art, Audio Engineering, Commissions/Trades, Cosplay, Crafts/Sculptures, Drawings, Filmography, Food, Graphic Design, Karaoke, Literature, Manga, Models, Musicians, Paintings, Performance/Dancing, Photography, Portfolios (including DeviantArt), Selfies, Selfies Fan Art, Singing, Social Media, Sound Production,Stories, Videography, Voice Acting, YouTube/Twitch/Mixer/Picarto/SmashCast, Also ~40 Multi-Lingual channels
  • Calmecac Dojo - Server with the purpose of art sharing, moral and technical support of upcoming artists, connecting with other writing, world building and character designing enthusiasts and conversations about pop culture - though over all, memeing.
  • CHAIR GANG - We here at CHAIR GANG are a slowly growing art based server and support artists old and new, join us for advice, support and making new buddies. We love newcomers and will be happy to guide if needed along your way
  • Creative Corner - We're an art-based discord focused on fostering a welcome and chill atmosphere. All artists are welcome regardless of their chosen medium or skill level!
  • Cosmic Aesthetics - A server dedicated to Aesthetic work; Created for artists to be able to share and promote their own pieces, as well as discover other artists and make connections!! All experience levels welcome! We have channels for all mediums: moodboards, drawing, photography and photomanips, writing, and so much more! - Creativity Crew - We have daily art prompts, free critique, events, games, and art/ resource features! We are a small welcoming community for helping artists grow, get exposure, and make new connections!
  • Deviants - Deviants is mainly a social Discord server open for all Deviant Art members. All type of artists are welcome! Deviants also hosts channels for Deviant Art groups. Are your Star wars and Dune posters not inspiring you anymore, join us and let's talk about it! Welcome to Deviants!
  • EE - Where people can chill and talk about their art and just have a good time.
  • High Voltage - A friendly server dedicated to artists of all levels wanting to learn, chat, or advertise. We also have monthly art challenges and dedicated channels for you to show off your other skills and hobbies. We can't wait to see you there!
  • Improvement Movement - Our group is fostering chill vibes for anyone regardless of skill level who wants to improve or share their chosen craft! From cosplay to writing to drawing to anything and everything in between, we want to support the art community as much as we can. Non-artists are welcome too!
  • Mai Beret - A fun server where artists/writers of all kinds can share their work and gain recognition. There will be art events, giveaways, competitions, etc. It's also a friendly chat where people can give each other feedback on one another's work, both to improve and possibly gain new friends and commissioners.
  • Meeka's Manor - I made this server to share my own art, as well as showcase other artists. I post tutorials, generally discuss art, and offer an environment for artists to flourish! I host events,prompts and contests, which in fact, one is currently ongoing! Thank you in advance for your time!
  • moondrop haven - Good day! We are a furry friendly discord server , whos focus is on anything art related. You can also talk about video games, anime and other TV shows. Everyone is welcome!
  • Mystique Woodland Adoptables - Are you having difficulties selling your adopts and/or commissions? Do you require a way to advertise yourself? Then this is the group for you. Here, you are free to advertise your work (without spamming) to make yourself more known. Art appreciators are also welcome.
  • Paint Stained Soul
  • Rainbow Circus - A fun art discord with a circus theme, you can share your art twitch & more and have fun talking & meeting new people
  • The Art Forest - The Art Forest is a growing autumn themed art community open to all, creators and appreciators alike! The inhabitants live divided into three clans, the Dogwoods, the Ginkgos and the Scarlet Oaks, sharing their art, commissions, writing, music, games, all create with everyone and attempting to defend their own clans with their art against the ruthless dragon.
  • The Coop - A laid-back art community with 100+ members. Advertise commissions, share your art, get feedback and critiques, participate in fun events.
  • the-dA-Community
  • WaterTortoise - A nice cozy chat room with nice people and artists of all kind! We even accept nsfw art! We have good well known staff so you can feel safe! Our staff is chit chatty so no need getting bored! We accept people of all kind and any racism and judgement is prohibited.
  • Wholesome Artists - Active community that provides support for other artists looking for a more supportive place. We encourage positivity with honest critiques. Creators can come together for art challenges, get weekly drawing homework, receive art critiques, and share their latest creations. It's free to all artists

General/Other Chat Servers

  • DanielTheUnknown's Server - For new friends to chat, role-play, etc.
  • DeviantLounge - We're a community that supports the community!Showcase your artworks, participate in art events, giveaways, competitions, etc. Or just chill and chat with everyone else in the Lounge, promote commissions or Live stream! Come visit us!
  • Fluffys Sweet Paradise! - Just a sweet and cozy chat group
  • Greek Gods - Do you love Greek Gods? Have you ever wanted to hang out and just discuss then with people who love them too? Well the come on and join my discord server!
  • Inkopolis Coast - Hey everyone, I'm Lunar and I own the Splatoon group Splatoonists here on DA. Looking for another Splatoon Discord server well come and join the community's Discord server! Here we do a lot of Splatoon things including with bots that help your battling experiences.
  • Kebab Page - A server hoping to grow, come and chill, share art, request critique and talk about games, memes or anything that comes to mind, there's a NSFW channel for those wishing to share some not so friendly works. Just as long rules are followed we won't have any issues
  • Kpop Singing - The best kpop (K-Pop) Server which welcomes all K-Pop fans and singers alike with Karaoke events and especially, giveaways! 💕We already have over 600 emotes and high quality voice chats so dont forget to nitro boost our server 💕
  • Microscopy - Server about microscopy and everything small what is impossible to see with naked eye. Doesn't matter if you are fan of fancy pics, hobby microscopist or professional researcher who use microscopes at work. We are open to anyone ;]
  • mondetactica - My 3 favorite parts: fanart, gaming, and chatting.
  • Peanut Butter - Peanut Butter is a server where you can talk about anything from Cats, Anime, Art, ARPG, NSFW, Ect! You can enjoy our few bots and share artwork along with receive critiques and chat in voice chat! Trigger Warning too! Though thats mainly in the NSFW channel.
  • RAWR - Just a small derpy server where memes and art can be shared and games can also be played.
  • Rise of the Artists - A friendly server for artists and writers too, all type of deviants can enter. Mainly this group is for helping new comers and supporting each other. The Server admins also made a DA group Rise-of-the-Artists where artists can feature their works, discord server members can get Contributor role and use extra facilities!
  • Safe Fur Work - Safe Fur Work is a cozy & friendly environment for adult (18+) furries (especially furry artists). NSFW content is not allowed at all, however! If you're looking for a SFW furry server, this is the place for you!
  • SeakensParadise
  • Sith Pureblood - Star Wars related and focusing on the Sith Pureblood species from TOR.
  • TrueCompanion - This is the Best place to roleplay,chat,find your true companion,play and last but not least, have fun! Come join my chatroom to be a TrueCompanion!
  • True Geno | Official - True Geno is my hangout server where people can share their opinions on stuff, talk about whatever, and meet new friends! True Geno's also a place where my followers can follow my game developments, art pieces, and more.
  • Two Tailed Fox Server - A Miles "Tails" Prower community going 12 years strong! Fly high with a tight-knit community and friendly staff.

Role-Play Servers

  • FunVerse - A Sandbox server for OCs of all kinds, With ways to have Fun!
  • The-Final-Guard - TFG is an original universe inspired by Dark Souls and Mortal Kombat in which defenders of our realm fight against Tanic, a power-hungry god who will stop at nothing to be the one in control. Characters of all types are welcomed into the Guard. Help us grow our sever!
  • Travis Studios - This is a group for the AU story of Bare Squadron known as Absolute Legal Naturists: @aln-bare-squadron
  • Wingwood Manor - Wingwood Manor is a 17+, SFW, non-fandom character server. It's set in a massive estate that exists between dimensions, and this setting allows you to bring your OCs entirely unmodified - as long as you stick to our rules! We are LGBTQ+ friendly, value patience, and have a flourishing, friendly community!

How to List Your Server

  1. You must be a member of DiscordApp
  2. The server you list must not be a private server.
  3. The invite link must be permanent or your server will not be featured.
  4. Please be patient with server listing requests. All notes will be replied to, though it may take a while.
  5. If these conditions are met, Note the Group with the following:
  • Server Name:
  • Server Type: (Art / General / Role-Play / Other - you must only choose one)
  • Permanent Invite Link:
  • Description (50 Words Maximum):
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