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If you use Discord to chat, game, role-play, and more, become a member of DiscordApp today to participate in art events, join art servers, and meet other artists who also use Discord!

What is Discord?
Discord is a free instant messaging platform that you can access in your browser, or as an app for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

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Discord App Emoticon - Small (Free to use!) by 3wyl This is a listing of servers created by members of DeviantArt.
Discord App Emoticon - Small (Free to use!) by 3wyl Anyone and everyone is welcome to join these servers.
Discord App Emoticon - Small (Free to use!) by 3wyl Each server has its own culture, environment, rules, members, etc.
Discord App Emoticon - Small (Free to use!) by 3wyl Not every server will be right for you. If one is not, you are free to leave.  
Discord App Emoticon - Small (Free to use!) by 3wyl Any abuse reported to DiscordApp in relation to servers listed here will be sanctioned with a group ban.
Discord App Emoticon - Small (Free to use!) by 3wyl Questions, suggestions, feedback? Please don't hesitate to note the group.
Discord App Emoticon - Small (Free to use!) by 3wyl If you are kicked/banned from a server listed below, do not come to DiscordApp. We are not affiliated with any servers listed here and cannot do anything.

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Art Servers

- Art by P.Geier -- NSFW Server where BloodyWing shares their art and a place where you can share your art as well. Has a channel to share commission experiences and places where you can turn your art into money.
- Art Core! -- An active community of artists, a lot of channels, colored nicknames, a good moderation and a cosy ambience. Advertize your streamings, share your art, show your original species, ask for tips, chat, share about your favourite fandoms, suggest ideas, vote, and much more! Join us now!
- Art Squad -- A server for all artists to get together and meet other artists! A small community to give advice, chat and relax, share things and just make friends! Feel free to hop in, introduce yourself, and maybe gain a few friends.
- Artist Chat -- A place for artists of all levels to come and chat, roleplay, and other stuff.
- Artists Associated -- A group about sharing your creations of any kind and just hanging out with friends. Artists of any level are welcome to join!
- Calmecac Dojo --  Server with the purpose of art sharing, moral and technical support of upcoming artists, connecting with other writing, world building and character designing enthusiasts and conversations about pop culture - though over all, memeing.
- Carrot's Corner -- Carrot's Corner is a well rounded social server for the Furry Fandom that hosts giveaways, events, and has a staff team. Feel free to spread the word about your art, make friends, and more.
- Chief's Guild -- A friendly open environment welcoming to all new users. We mostly chat about gaming and art but you can talk about whatever you want to! The main purpose is to have a fun time and meet cool people and make friends! :)
- Deviant Artist's and more! -- Hey there! Ever wanted to join a server where you can share your art, be yourself, help improve that server and be able to chat and meet new friends? Well if you want that and more you should consider joining my server! Hope you have a wonderful week :3
- DeviantArt - Hideout -- The idea behind this discord is to keep in touch with artists and gamers alike. Everybody is welcome. You don't necessarily need to be a gamer or artist, as long as you enjoy art or gaming, you're more than welcome to join.
- DeviantArt Nudism --  Naturist related from members of DeviantArt, NSFW but cleaner than most NSFW ones.
- DeviantArt Worldwide --  Made so that everyone around the world can meet with each other and talk to each other and meet new friends and also share their art with everyone.
- Deviants -- Deviants is mainly a social Discord server open for all Deviant Art members. All type of artists are welcome! Deviants also hosts channels for Deviant Art groups. Are your Star wars and Dune posters not inspiring you anymore, join us and let's talk about it! Welcome to Deviants!
- Dreamer's Unite -- Share your Artwork! Roleplay, Fandoms, Theories, Gaming, Talking and more! It's more like a socializing channel, Critique stand, and Teamwork!
- Kool Kidz -- Our server is social and art based, with a few fun games and bots to play with! We’ll also be holding small art contests occasionally for a special role, and sometimes other prizes!
- Lets Talk Art -- We're a fun cozy server with a silly friendly community, our purpose is to attract new artists and give them a comfortable place where they can get help from other artists, and just talk and have fun! We will also be hosting events like drawpile sessions, movie nights, collaboration projects and creative discussions, but at our core were just stupid artists who do stupid art stuff, together!
- Rainbow Circus -- A fun art discord with a circus theme, you can share your art twitch & more and have fun talking & meeting new people
- Sapphlings -- Server to build a community based around artists and other creatives!
- Silvia's Fox Den -- My server is made to bring people together to make friends. I have sections for all types of art from Traditional to Photography. I also have some sections for general chatting and some common hobbies such as gaming and videos. Please join us, we look forward to having you!
- Space Babes --  A server for visual artists. Currently looking for mods, and trying to get some people in here cause it's empty.
- Spicy Meme Corp. --  A server for people to hang out and share their artwork and memes. Most of us love to goof off and just hang out !! Nothing serious and we just want everyone to have fun.
- The Furry/Wolf United (TFW) -- With NSFW(18+). Awesome bots! Respected staffs! Posting Arts and Designs are appreciated. Any types, creatures, humans, artists are appreciated!
- The Kitchen I Whip In -- Where people can chill and talk about their art and just have a good time.
- The Library -- An art pod server dedicated to helping users get noticed and improving art.
- the-dA-Community
- Ume's Castle -- Share and discuss your art, advertise yourself, share aesthetics, laugh at memes, discuss games, participate in activities with the perks of a leveling up system, listen to music together, discuss theories and the unknown, and enjoy the safe spaces provided with additional roles, including PDA, kin and wiccan areas!
- WaterTortoise -- A nice cozy chat room with nice people and artists of all kind! We even accept nsfw art! We have good well known staff so you can feel safe! Our staff is chit chatty so no need getting bored! We accept people of all kind and any racism and judgement is prohibited.
- Wolfen's Artsy Corner -- We are a pretty chill bunch so please feel free to join even if you don't know the owner. You can roleplay, game with people, chill, share memes, talk about crafts and cosplay and more!~ Feel free to join we don't bite.

General Chat Servers

- DA bros -- Just a server to hang out, discuss any topics, meet people, and post some art/writing!
- DanielTheUnknown's Server -- For new friends to chat, role-play, etc.
- feel ✧ good ✧ cafe -- A server whose purpose is to provide a place chat peacefully with people, find ways to relieve your stress, and have some virtual coffee and tea if you'd like. also an rp server, its story taking place in a cafe.
- Limitless -- Just a place to hang out for everyone
- Fluffys Sweet Paradise! -- Just a sweet and cozy chat group
- Rise of the Artists -- This is a friendly server for artists and writers too, all type of deviants can enter. Mainly this group is for helping new comers and supporting each other. The Server admins also made a DA group Rise-of-the-Artists where artists can feature their works, discord server members can get Contributor role and use extra facilities!
- Roo's and Snaz's Hangout -- A place to hang out and meet new people, talk about art, memes, and games. We're always looking for new souls to add new topics to talk about, make yourself at home, and don't be afraid to join!
- The Bear Cave -- Protectors of the forest unite! In The Bear Cave, we are a fine bunch that love to chat, game, create, and just chill all around. If you're up for a peaceful and serene time, enter The Bear Cave.
- The Dragon's Den -- A server with a dragon theme but there's so much more going on in it. ♥ Looking to grow it into a lovely place! Any kind of art is accepted. From furry art, to dragons, people, landscapes etc. Anyone is welcome, so long as they follow rules!
- The Local Pub --  A place for anyone to come and hang out with friendly company, talk, game, anything, really. Games, art, vent, roleplay, you name it, we have it all! Come on in and crack open a cold one - first one's on the house!
- NSFW CLUB (OPEN For ALL) -- Everyone is welcome here, don't judge anyone and enjoy shared pics and videos, links, share your art, ideas... join in chat... No insulting, no hate words... 2 rules to follow only.

Gaming Servers

- Noriee's Gaming Page -- We are a server for gamers, boardgamers, reviewers and streamers/content creators. We also share streams, reviews and news about these topics. Feel free to hop in and have fun.</b>
- Spla2n Squad -- A gaming server where we discuss anything Splatoon 2 related, such as sharing art, friend codes, theories, and anything else you can imagine.</b>
- The Knot House -- Welcome to The Knot House! A new, growing LGBT+ gaming server for members of the community to come together and play games without the constant fear of witnessing homophobia and other derogatory things. This server is open to members of the LGBT+ community and LGBT+ allies!
- Sim Haven -- A server for those who enjoy the sims or play the sims. Here we show off what we create in any of the sims games, be it sims 1-4 or any of the mobile sims games. We welcome people of all types to be sims enthusiasts!

Role-Play Servers

- Bare Squadron --  Naturist related from members of DeviantArt, NSFW but cleaner than most NSFW ones.
- Fading Beliefs -- A Warrior Cat Role Play group looking for High-Ranks/Admins
- Gravity Falls Roleplay -- A roleplay server dedicated to Gravity Falls and its many aus !
- Kahuvaa Tribe -- A Horse ARPG (Art Role Playing Game) focused on multiple new horse and donkeys breeds. This HARPG drives inspiration from none other than the vast Sierra National Forrest and surrounding wilds along with deep Native American culture.
- paelstels' Unofficial Undertale RPG Server! -- A general Undertale RPG Discord where you can socialize and roleplay with other - Reverse Falls The Roleplay -- A roleplay server dedicated to Gravity Falls and the AU Reverse Falls.
- RWBY Roleplay Chat -- A roleplay server for the popular web animation, RWBY.
- S I L V E R R A V E N corps. -- An RP server based on an anthro AU that surrounds a dangerous company called SILVER RAVEN CORPS
Undertale fans! NOTE: We are looking for moderators and administrators to apply! Just ask about it when you join in #help.
- The Alternate Plane -- The Alternate Plane is a server dedicated to roleplayers in all Fandoms! We have channels for everything possible, from modern to sonic themed! We have channels made for those older than 18, and those younger. We're all friendly and your skill doesn't matter!

Other Servers

- Ani-toonspiracy -- Massive crossover with Real World conspiracy theories slapped onto
- Anythingcat -- A discord group for cat loving deviants!
- Qualiteria High --  A server where people can know what "Qualiteria High" is, discuss the eBook, and engage in activities.
- Splatoon Fanclub -- A lil' fanclub dedicated to the popular Nintendo Game: SPLATOON! Here we share memes, mess with bots, share funny emotes and we have a guild to join here! Home of the guild, QalaxSEA!
- Fandom Falls -- A general server for discussion and fan theories about the Disney Show Gravity Falls.
- NerdyNerdyNii -- A server dedicated to Reader insert lovers! whether you write or just read, you're welcome here! We give editing advice and allow self-promotion too!

- The Crisis City --  Meet up with Sonic fans! We also talk about general stuff and our bots will keep you entertained.
- The Rising Eclipse --  Support base server. Anyone of all types of work from drawing to video making are welcome. Here we show our work we proudly made, and if one wishes you can also ask to gain help or feedback on your work to help you grow! Friendly, and we're one big Ohana.

How to List Your Server

  1. You must be a member of DiscordApp
  2. The server you list must not be a private server.
  3. If these conditions are met, Note the Group
    Server Name:
    Server Type: (Art / General / Gaming / Role-Play / Other)
    Permanent Invite Link:
    Description (50 Words Maximum):

  4. The invite link must be permanent or your server will not be featured.
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