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A Lɒɔʞ oʇ Hɒɿmony ᙠɘƚwɘɘn Poniɘƨ
Discord Of The Sith by PixelKitties
Please submit things to the correct folders, to the best of your ability!
Use this brief gallery folder guide below to your advantage!

:bulletblack: Who Else but Discord - Digital: Digital artworks of only Discord!
:bulletblack: Who Else but Discord - Traditional: Traditional artworks of only Discord!
:bulletblack: Chaos, Sun and Moon: Discord with Celestia and/or Luna; no shipping!
:bulletblack: Discord and the Elements of Harmony: Discord with some or all of the Mane Six; no shipping!
:bulletblack: Discord and Other Canon Characters: Discord with any other official characters; no shipping!
:bulletblack: Discord and Non-Canon Characters: Discord with OCs and such; no shipping!
:bulletblack: Shipping with FedEx - Canon Characters: Discord shipping with canon characters; all the shipping!
:bulletblack: Shipping with FedEx - Non-Canon Characters: Discord shipping with OCs and non-canon characters; all the shipping!
:bulletblack: Eris, Humancord and Other Discord Morphs: Discord as a pony, human, chick, etc.

The rest of the gallery folders are fairly self-explanatory~ :la: If you still feel confused, please look over their contents and see if your submission fits there best.

As for the favorites, you will find folders based on iconic Discord episodes, Q, John De Lancie, himself, and memes.


Random from Featured

DisQrd by sz6sty DisQrd :iconsz6sty:sz6sty 63 18 MegaCon 2013 MLP by ScruffyToto MegaCon 2013 MLP :iconscruffytoto:ScruffyToto 890 97 Chaos At Work by TheDoggyGal Chaos At Work :iconthedoggygal:TheDoggyGal 311 19 Disocrd by snappyluxe Disocrd :iconsnappyluxe:snappyluxe 24 4 Villains by The-Kinetic Villains :iconthe-kinetic:The-Kinetic 197 54 The Discord went down to Equestria by Freefox The Discord went down to Equestria :iconfreefox:Freefox 189 89 Dis-Corded by sanora Dis-Corded :iconsanora:sanora 392 34 Villainy Is Magic by Duckyworth Villainy Is Magic :iconduckyworth:Duckyworth 20 63 Chaos Comes by ShadowSaber Chaos Comes :iconshadowsaber:ShadowSaber 218 17

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Gallery Folders

Discord: Kindly Reformed by AnotherRaven
Discord draws Cheese Sandwich by iojknmiojknm
Mad Discord by Jaw2002
Tear-able Chaos (Clinging Discord Shirt design) by EyesoreForTheBlind
Who Else but Discord - Digital
Mystic by StrawberryOverlord
Everypony Love Me by MustLoveFrogs
How would they meet up? by sapphireweasel25
Discord by Imaplatypus
Who Else but Discord - Traditional
Noodle Boi sit by StrawberryOverlord
Jedi Discord and Katt by WolfSpiritClan
Reign of Chaos  by WolfSpiritClan
My mind reels with chaotic replies. by Frist44
Chaos, Sun and Moon
Hey you fool by 69Beass
Sunset Flight by mr100dragon100
Let's Prank Uncle Discord by Bakuel
Discord x Celestia - Colored Sketch by StePandy
Discord and The Elements of Harmony
Why... by Waackery
Thumbnail : The mare who became queen BLOOPERS by Zlayd-oodles
Discord and Fluttershy's gala outfits by Snowy-Weather
Magic by DearMary
Discord and Other Canon Characters
[Commission] Heavy workout by AdagioString
Discord As Deadpool by Madarao123
For Whom the Bell Tolls by RealityDowngrade
Do him a favor by AmazingPuffhair
Discord and Non-Canon Characters
Discocipher by StrawberryOverlord
'Hi I'm Sugar Swirl!' by RaptorFarts
Daddy Discord Thumbnail Link by mizuki12341
MLP FIM - Discord Kissing Derpy by Joakaha
Shipping with FedEx - Canon Characters
Wannabe hipsters by Sunbutt-Worshipper
Love Goes On And On by mr100dragon100
Perfect together by DecepticonCyberWolf
Happily Married by Syreok
Shipping with FedEx - Non-Canon Characters
Original: Alice's Dream by EStories
Midge and Discord (Kiss) by Midgesaurus
Midge and Discord (Hug) by Midgesaurus
Eris, Humancord and Other Discord Morphs
Cross The Line by Yanamosuda
On Wings of Chaos by Little-Winged-Angel
Discord by Blaye-Hatsuki11
The Cutie Re-Mark - Villains - Equestria girls by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
Discorded Ponies
Strings Of Disharmony by urraminneb
Son-In-Law of Discord EG - Happy Birthday DF by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
He Just Wont say... by mr100dragon100
Crossovers and Tumblr Asks
Welcome to the wonderland!(FS's birthday present) by Richard-Skip
Vectorcord and Chaotic Resources
Discordia (genderbent noodle) by Sunbutt-Worshipper
Crafts and Cosplay
Alacord or possibly Discorak. by PrototypeSpaceMonkey
Stamps, Signatures and Profile Fun
Fluttercord fan Stamp by Iki-Fujisaka
You're-going-to-love-each-other by LaszlVFX
Fanfiction, Journals and Literature
One Dragon Over Them All by Sinatzeek
Group Contest Submissions and Archive


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