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SAA Release by discopears
These models are for Sweet Apple Acres scene builds. Similar to my Ponyville Environments release, these assets have built in an open and unrestricted way to give artists complete control of how they want everything to look. Every hill, shed, pile of hay, ect. is its own model. Below are some example shots from the animation.

Shots from the Animation

Barn Shot by discopears
Barn Shot AJ by discopears
Apple Bucking Shot by discopears
Wagon Shot by discopears
Can update these if they are changed or improved! :)

The Models Breakdown

The Barn

The barn has been fully modeled and has a small but detailed interior. It has its own ground base as seen in the first image. There is also a second edited version of the barn; one that is damaged and run-down as seen in the animation. The shed models that are located next to the barn have an alternate skin that matches the desaturated faded paint on the damaged version.
Barn and GB by discopears
Barn (New and Worn) by discopearsSheds txt by discopears
Barn Interior by discopears

The Trees

There are two different types of tree models, a wide version and a narrow one. Each type has five different skins as shown below. For each tree type, there is also a dead version without the mass of leaves in the center. For those, there are three different skins to choose from. All of the tree models have been compiled twice with mirrored versions. The combination of the mirrors and different skins should allow you to create small forests without noticable repetition.
Trees Wide txt by discopears
Trees Narrow txt by discopears
Trees Wide Dead txt by discopears Trees Narrow Dead txt by discopears
Large Tree Dead by discopears

The Background Hills

The background hills are one of the biggest parts of this release. These models make up all the background details and fill the horizon. There is a large variety of models to choose from in this list. Most of the hills also have an alternate skin, one that changes the color of the grass to be a dead brownish yellow. The ones that have trees also have a bodygroup that lets you turn off the masses of leaves in the center to make them appear dead; this is illustrated below.
Txt by discopears
Hill 02 by discopears
Hill Curvy by discopears Hill Curvy Bare by discopears
Hill Road 2 by discopears Hill Curvy Other by discopears
Hills 3-5 by discopears Hills 3-5 Dead by discopears
Plowed by discopears Grass Hills by discopears
Dirt Road by discopears

Props and Items

There are also an arrangement of props to go along with everything else to help with decorating your scene. Models such as the hay and corn can ideally be placed around the barn area. Foor the small seed models, you can switch between two skins, light and dark. There are some other props such as a water chute and wagon that have been used in the animation. The wagon model has been fully rigged and can be animated as seen in the video.
Hay by discopears
Corn by discopears Seeds by discopears
Arch and Chute by discopears Wagon txt by discopears
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Will you be released a pre-built session for conveniences?

Not to be a lazy sod, it's just scenebuilding is rather a hassle. Trying to do it myself but I dunnop if I'm placing it right.