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visible ink

+18 brushes, taken from scans of my messing around with ink, brushes, and washes. (When I say 'messing around,' I mean "ink all over the place.")The preview shows some of the brushes employed in smaller dimensions.

**The .zip file includes the image pack and .abr file (PS7).
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You're very welcome!
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you should make a tutorial how you create those awesome things!!! great, will +fav it <3
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Thank you so much!

If you're talking about just the brushes, they're really easy: > just get some heavy paper (something heavy enough to support wet media), India ink, a small cup of water, and a few brushes. Then make a huge mess, with streaks and swirls and patterns, and see what comes out. You can use the water for a sort of wash effect, if you want, but it's completely optional.

But if you're talking about something else, let me know and I'll see if I can explain it in a way that makes sense : >
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ah, thank you very much :D
That was easy to understand and sounds kinda easy, thanks again!
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No problem at all! : >
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Lovely ^O^.It's so useful! I'll take it +fav.
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Thank you kindly! Yay, brushes!
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