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Twilight of the Ancients

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"Forwards sisters, for the fallen!"
alithking's avatar
Epic and glorius artwork of the eldar army, congratulations! Clap Headbang! Worship 
Let battle be joined, for Kaela Mensha Khaine
Awsome pic
Maxamillion2009's avatar
Is that a Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons Space Marine Helmet on the ground?
BrutalityInc's avatar
No, I think it's a helmet belonging to a Khorne Berserker from the World Eaters Traitor Legion. 
RolueVasReisa's avatar
despite being cartoonish this is really aweosme
Morinki's avatar
Mother of god this is nice
Jin-Ghi-Lives's avatar
This is going to hurt..
TheImmortalRollie's avatar
reminds me of battle on cybertron, but good work :D
OK, one of my first thoughts was "what's the name of this comic and where can i read it?". Really nice! I would say that the Avatar loks a bit, ahem, bulky to me and his sword probably be a bit "swordier" (it reminds me more of a short sword). But all round, a very nice picture.
gordo-porno's avatar
Andemius's avatar
That's Rhana Dandra, the eldar's great final battle against the forces of chaos, isn't it? And that seer with the spear in the first rank, he even looks like Eldrad ulthran, even if he's suppose to be in Ulthwe... Well anyway that's a fine piece of art!
if this is their twilight the heyday must have been pretty intense
Kalnafein's avatar
The berzerker helmet on the ground is a nice touch.
Idene's avatar
i may not be the greatest fan of the Eldar, but i've gotta say, that's why you don't f*** with the Eldar on THEIR craftworld. XD

zaku0909's avatar
very wicked style
Sekitonbo's avatar
March forward, Biel-Tan!

Although I'm an Ulthwe player, but Eldar still rock.
3FF3CT's avatar
Love the shading, very simple yet so effective.......
Minorass's avatar
YAY Eldar killy time,
Man i love the avatar
Saekhor's avatar
Meh, then some Thousand Sons pop along and smash them all!

All Hail Tzeentch!
Drawed's avatar
Kaela Mensha Khaine
SykA-theblacker's avatar
awsome !!! "I`m am the firery destroyer of worlds" the avatar of Khaine ROCKS !!! :headbang:
joemighty16's avatar
How cool is this?!!

Khaine will have Khorne's ass for lunch!!
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