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A Look Before a Kiss

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Original Characters Elan & Rafa. Pencil.

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satyrgrinHobbyist General Artist
I hope it is the future that comes. Rafa's face in this image is so cheeky! I also see a bit of "pinch me, I must be dreaming" and a bit of proprietary pride. I'm not a fan of Rafa's facial hair in appearance but I'm sure it feels good to Elan. *Ahem* Did I type that out loud? Anway, I can follow a clear path of interest. I start with the darkest and most striking feature on the page. Elan's hair in many previous images seemed like a silhouette. Here I see textures and highlights. It's beautiful. I want to touch it. I like how long it is. The length flatters Elan's features. Now, where my eyes go next.

The curls lead me to the delicate eyebrow. I can't explain consciously but I find Elan's glasses extremely attractive. They frame and appear to draw attention to his long dark lashes. His eyes are huge! So expressive even when closed. The glasses lead me to notice the nose. I enjoy how you pay close attention to subtle distinctions of culture and character. Elan's nose is perfect for his face and it leads my gaze to full, soft, and sensual lips. The lips are dark and drawn with great care. I suspect they are as important as his eyes. A smile that can lighten hearts and weeping to tear at the soul in anguish. I smile at his pout, clearly leaning for a kiss. I note the delicate chin. Elan looks like a creature of dream, like he might shatter with a breath but his jaw is actually heavier than Rafa's. While Elan might look like he is made of spun glass, he is obviously made of sturdy stuff.

The shadow darkens where his neck and Jaw meet. The line fades a bit and darkens deeply at the collar. Elan's neck is actually lovely. I hadn't paid attention to that before but the collar frames it like a painting for display. I note that the collar meets Rafa's hand and here we make the jump.

On thinking about it Rafa is defined by his hands. He works hard shaping wood so they are strong. He also uses his hands to protect. He has slender artist's fingers. I've always seen this as a mark of a sensitive soul. Not necessarily vulnerable but aware and quick. The tender way he touches Elan's chin seems to support this. He moves with great, deliberate care. I find it curious that there is a beak in the line between the hand and the hair. Perhaps it is the resolution of the scan but clearly the next strongest feature is Rafa's hair. He is proud of it, clearly and where it meets at his throat is heavily shadowed. Likewise, it is shadowed darkly from his ear down past his throat. I don't know why but I get the impression that Rafa loves to have his hair touched as well as his neck. More so than Elan. Interesting seeing how Rafa's Adam's apple is clearly pronounced and his neck is thick and muscular. Going crazy when his neck is touched is something he hides -- shadows? Something Elan might know because Rafa trusts him?

I also see how Rafa bares his neck to Elan. A primal gesture of trust. Elan's eyes are closed but his neck is lower, shielded. The nearness of Rafa's big paw is his gesture of trust. I like how these lines communicate personality. Rafa's lips are broad and expressive. His nose is solid and since it is still straight after a life of fighting indicates how good he is as a protector. His jaw is solid but round -- soft edges. He's tough but soft inside.

The next darkest feature of emphasis is Rafa's eyebrow. It is easily twice as thick as Elan's but the shape is very similar. Symbolism perhaps? A lot of attention is paid to Rafa's masculinity. His brow, his jaw, his beard and the size of his hand. Masculinity might be a huge part of what attracts Elan to him. Lastly, the dark eye. There are no glasses like Elan but here the eyebrow and the shadow of the brow draw attention to it. Rafa's eyes are just as important a feature but it is one many might overlook because it isn't obvious. To someone like Elan who is sensitive to subtle plays of light and detail, Rafa's dark eyes must seem literally like windows to his soul. The line framing Rafa's hair curves gently over his head and then goes off the page with a flourish. The artist must be pleased with this image and with good reason. It's lovely and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to look it over and comment.
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I'm grateful you saw all this in the drawing. As they say, one picture 1000 words! All you want people to read has to be drawn.

I do not know exactly how things end yet, or the status of their facial hair! So this is just a drawing of a desired future, au, something not yet known even to me.
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Their hair got long lol <3
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Yup, an alternate/or read future!
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NikeMVHobbyist General Artist
So beautiful! I love their stares... And omg, the hair :iconsqueeeeplz:
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Thank you! Avoiding scissors!
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