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A Play's The Thing By Dracodragite

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Another picture I commissioned from DracoDragite of my character Jesiax (Knight 52 - (Expanded) Profile of Jesiax), this time with Das-Dynamo's Dyne Namos (Dyne Namos - Numbah 79) and Bunnytam's Tam (Knight Bard Tam 90 (ears)).  Idea sprung from an idea for a comedic story I had, but don't think I have the comedic chops to pull off.  XD  In this particular scene, we have Jesiax rehearsing/performing, with Dyne displaying his innate talent for busting through walls, and Tam being merrily oblivious.  Should anyone be interested in writing the story that inspired it up, feel free, but here's the basic idea that spawned this amusing image (the cape wasn't my idea, but I think it was an inspired choice from the artist :D):

"A Play's the Thing!"
***Tam (or similarly bubbly/energetic knight) organizes a play for the knights to boost morale
***ropes Jesiax into participating due to her father's acting skill and Jesiax's own talent for acting
***play/process of staging it is humorous disaster through knightly shenanigans
******most notably: Somehow Dyne gets chosen as the romantic male lead, with Jesiax in the other role (play off his insanity and the frustration Jesiax often has with him for humor)
*****but other shenanigans as well from other knights that lead to it being an amusing disaster

All part of HeartGear's 101 Knights/Suspicious Links project. 

Thanks for doing another great job!
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Oh snap, this is awesome! Amazing~
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~I am I, Dyne Quixote the Lord of La Mancha
~My destiny calls and I go~
~And the wild winds of fortune will carry me onward~
~Oh, whither soever they blow~
~Whither soever they blow, onward to glory I go!~

Apologies, Senoras y Senoritas in ze crowd, for Dyne Quixote already has his Sally, she is Freckles, she is goddess. ::Takes of sombrero and bows::
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Its Dyne JUAN Quixote! I thought you READ your script!
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I sold the Juan for more bourbon money! :D
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You can do that!? @,,o
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::too busy drinking bourbon to reply::

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LOL! This is Awesome! ^,,^
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Jes is always so darn pretty and this is an amazing pic~
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Ah~  Glorious, simply glorious!
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