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Well it has been several weeks since I finished Disarray, so with the help of the rest of the guys at Visual Dysfunction we have been working around the clock to get up, It really saddens me that its taken 6 months to get this far, but I think ater all this hard work it will pay off, I think we are going to have around 20-30 poems and tutorials, at the site release, plus all the other great things we have in store. Anyway, last night I was working on the poetry section, and I made the mistake of reading all poems I had written to my ex girlfriend as I was posting them on the site, Man that was  depressing mistake....
Its finally done, and its bad-ass, everyone that has seen it so far has loved it, im really glad it turned out so well, here is the url if you wanna see my new site.…
Ok screw drawing by hand, i've been workin on my flash site for weeks now, Its going to be great, its the perfect combination of Flash and Photoshop. I am so damn close, hopefully I will finish it any day now.
I have been drawing for hours, I finally finished what I guess will be the first full Disarray character, and then I started doodling and came up with a sweet ass full drawing of a vampire guy I drew and named Mavis. After years I am finally able to think up a character in my head and put him or her on paper!
Been puttng almost all of my time I spend on the computer into Visaul Dyfsunction a new graphics website Dissimulate and I are working on, anyway, we have the main page, splash page, tutorials, and several other pages done, its coming along slowly but it looks great and I hope it will be a big success. I've been spending alot of time on the playstation as well, been playing Chrono Trigger from Final Fantasy Chronicles, its bad-ass, I loved it on SNES, and its just as great on the PSX, also got Breath of Fire 4 yesterday, I can't hardly hold myself back and not play it, but I gotta finish Chrono first. Well, thats all I got for now, later.
Well I highly doubt anyone will read this or follow up on reading it, or whatever, but im gonna write something here now and then anyway, just for the hell of it. Lately, I have had idea's and really no will to sit at the computer and do anything with those ideas I dunno maybe its all the time im spending with my woman, or because its summer and school just got out or what, I hope it goes away though.