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Veeery short Kigurumi Tutorial

By DiruLiCiouS
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A lot of people asked me about patterns or a Tutorial >_<

So, I made a quick one, I don't know how to explain it better XD
I would say, don't be afraid to start making one, because there's pretty much nothing you can do wrong since it fit's (almost) all sizes^^

I made this tutorial based on my selfmade Kigurumi:

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Hey bro, i think this site is using the tutorial diagrams you made?
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Ohh my i wish i could sooo cool!
plus fabric is really expensive were i live....
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Amazing tutorial! I'm gonna have to try this out myself over the summer. Thank you! You earned a watch :D!
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Thanks for the tutorial! I want to try to make a Bearded Dragon (Tad Cooper) one this summer! Dancing dragon XD 
I'm 4 foot 7 inches how much frantic would I need ?? 
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just convert it to feet via google shouldnt be hard
How am I supposed to do that ??
im curled up in my dA messages all day what do yOU EXPECT LOL 
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write your lenght on google and write 'in cm' after it and it will convert it for you, same works other way around
thanks !! 
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Awesome <3 But I have a question: do you know where to get the elastics for the sleeves and stuff? I mean elastics that look the most like the bought kigurumi ones?
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Yo I don't really like the dropped crotch a lot of Kigurumis have. Do you have any tips for making it a regular placed crotch instead?
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This is great! Not sure if its a mistake or not but you don't need to do two patterns of sleeves or the front part as they are symmetrical and can be flipped over. You only need to do it if it's asymmetrical :meow: This is the same for any patterns that are the same on the hood just thought it would help and save you time on pinning it to fabric :D I did a fashion course for 2 years just wanted to help 
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Awesome!! Thank you! Faving this!
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Nagyon köszönöm!
Thank You!
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how much fabric will I need? ^^
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For the amount of fabric you need for these: Anywhere from 4.5-5 yards, or more depending on how much extra stuff you want to add. I just made a toothless one and i got 6 yards of antipill fleece for $30 (had a half off coupon for the fabric store). Also, if you need to create a pattern or need a guide, use a kigurumi you already have and copy the pattern. You can use that as a guide to see how everything is sewn together too if you need it. :)
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im so tempted to make a ton of these
like make some of my characters omg thank you for making this
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how much fabric did you use ?
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I've heard people use about 4-4.5 yards depending how tall you are for the base of the Kigu.
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I'd like to know that too. :)
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This is fantastic, thank you! <3
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This is a LIFESAVER, I tried to order one but it wouldn't get here in time for pajama day at my school, so I've been searching the internet looking for something like this. THANKIES!
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