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Its Over Ninethousaaand

No, there's no Vegeta here :D :D :D

Just a Cell/Frieza Kiriban to says THANK YOU to more than 9,000 pageviews!! Wow, I'm so happy you guys, thanks for the support, it means a lot to me ;_;

*hugs and kisses for everyone*

:heart: :heart: :heart:
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Vegeta: -_-'
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Frieza: prepare for trouble

Cell: make it drouble
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It reminds me of the Team Rocket XD
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xDDD its over ninethoisaaaaaand ajajaj super friza xD
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DAAAAAAAAAAW. Cuteness. c8

Making CellXFrieza group...not just yaoi! Just them together in general, if you want to join. C8

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Wow, cute draw!
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Best evilish team ever, good work keep it up
DiruLiCiouS's avatar
I love Frieza and Cell <33 hihi, thanks :meow:
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yeah, they are awesome :D
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awn! thats so cute! :iconchuuplz:
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:heart: hihi, thank you OwO
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yeah! herzlichenglückwunsch♥^.^
hoffe es geht so gut weiter

und sehr süßes bild schaut voll niedlich aus :meow:
DiruLiCiouS's avatar
Aww, danke !!! :meow:
Hoffe ich auch XD :hug:
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Cell !!!!!!!!!!!! :heart: Very beautiful drawing, I love it :)
DiruLiCiouS's avatar
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cute ^^ and congrats
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OH MY DEMONS CAGES!!:iconomgsocuteplz:
They look so ADORABLE!!!:tighthug:
*Glomps Frieza* :heart: Cute cute cute cute!!
*Tap Cell on the shoulder* Dont absorb me, cute face^^;

:XD: Awesome made!:D
DiruLiCiouS's avatar
:iconblushplz: Aww, glad you like it xD
Frieza and Cell are best friends for life :D :D :D
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Yeah Very much!
They look SO Adorable! OWO
Yeah they really are, from the first moment they met in Hell.
Exauctly with the fact that Cell told Frieza he got Goku Killed:XD: And he is way ass stonger than Frieza:XD:
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