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City of Dreams
I left my heart in the city
Disarrayed like my thoughts
Melancholic yet vibrant
Quiet but full of noise
Shimmery glass and tough steel
Grass green and concrete grey
Extravagant yet traditional
Calm but wild and cray
My heart stayed there
For a reason incomprehensible
Guided by a dream
Less than sensible
I breathed in the sweet air
From the sea so vast
Feeling like that day
Was to be my last
And I thought what if
You'd been there somehow
Holding my hand tight
Watching the sun go down
Sunken in the city lights
Walking hand in hand
Enjoying the freedom
In that unknown land
Listening to the waves
Humming a romantic melody
Having your arm
Wrapped around my body
Resting from life
Hustle and extremes
Heart of the city
Beating to our dreams
Coming back there
Just to feel it all
Dreaming of you
Our imaginary home
:icondirtybad96:DIRTYBAD96 1 0
Through the glass
I'm gazing at you
Touching the surface
As if touching the real you
On my mind
Like a crude stitch
Forever untouchable
Out of my reach
Why me
Why for you
Out of all men
Out of the blue
Want to break free
No returning
Glass so unscathed
Feelings burning
Look at me
Living, longing for it
Behind this cold glass
Separating you from me
Glass indestructible
Reinforced with tears
I'll never touch you
So it seems
:icondirtybad96:DIRTYBAD96 0 0
Sebastian by DIRTYBAD96 Sebastian :icondirtybad96:DIRTYBAD96 6 1 BK Humanoid by DIRTYBAD96 BK Humanoid :icondirtybad96:DIRTYBAD96 1 0 TH logo #2 by DIRTYBAD96 TH logo #2 :icondirtybad96:DIRTYBAD96 1 0
So close to what I dream of
And yet so far it hurts
Touching the untouchable
But not going to reverse
Brief kiss of our hands
Gazes locked for a flash
Moment worth my lifetime
Dreams turning into ash
I am not the right one
Neither is the time
I am not meant for you
Nor are you to be mine
Telling myself to stop
Deceiving myself I can
Who am I to object fate?
Who am I to this man?
This feels just so right
This is just so wrong
Love you, I really do
This is just so strong
Shining in your shadow
Wish I could go for it
You are just so mine
And yet just so foreign
:icondirtybad96:DIRTYBAD96 0 0
Bill Kaulitz by DIRTYBAD96 Bill Kaulitz :icondirtybad96:DIRTYBAD96 3 0 Hwoarang TK7 FR by DIRTYBAD96 Hwoarang TK7 FR :icondirtybad96:DIRTYBAD96 8 2 Junko Enoshima by DIRTYBAD96 Junko Enoshima :icondirtybad96:DIRTYBAD96 10 0 TH Tribute - Dream Machine cross stitch by DIRTYBAD96 TH Tribute - Dream Machine cross stitch :icondirtybad96:DIRTYBAD96 1 0
Play Me a Song
Once in a lifetime
I want you to play just for me
Take your guitar and sit next to me
Breathe all my thoughts into its strings
Play me a song about my innocence
A true blessing only a kid can possess
Unawareness of the surrounding cruelty
Heart crystal pure, no lies, no stress
Play me a song about my loneliness
Count all the lonely nights I have spent
Count the knives people stabbed in my back
And twisted them mercilessly until I bled
Play me a song about my happiness
Something I keep chasing but cannot catch
Whenever I get close, it bites me to the bone
Like wanting to be happy is asking for too much
Play me a song about my broken heart
Torn so many times and still beating sound
Read all the names engraved on it
Some are just scars, some are burning proud
Play me a song about my love
Your name is the one burning proud on my heart
Play this song all the way until the strings break
The music of my love so helpless and so hard
:icondirtybad96:DIRTYBAD96 1 0
To B***
Every day as the sun wakes me up
I see your vision in its rays
I only wanna be where you are
Start and close with you all my days
My heart clenches at the thought of you
It only wants to be yours all the way
To give you the love you’ve always died for
And provide you shelter in your darkest days
I have never known you like I wish I had
You are not aware that I actually exist
But my heart keeps running towards you
You are the one I love and so painfully miss
Your beauty is truly out of this world
Your voice is like music to my ears
Every time you sing, my pain is gone
There’s an invisible hand wiping my tears
Whenever I feel I cannot go on
When all my nightmares seem to merge
You breathe new hope into my mind
Asking me not jump off the edge
Never been the type to go out
Never been the type to talk
Thanks to you I have made a step
To see what awaits behind the wall
Through the distance, you can touch my heart
Make my grey life worthwhile and give it a point
When the dark clou
:icondirtybad96:DIRTYBAD96 0 0
Bloody Tears - Mathias Cronqvist by DIRTYBAD96 Bloody Tears - Mathias Cronqvist :icondirtybad96:DIRTYBAD96 10 0 Death (Castlevania SotN) by DIRTYBAD96 Death (Castlevania SotN) :icondirtybad96:DIRTYBAD96 9 1
Not Myself
Feels like I'm not myself
Where has my heart gone
Sure it's not in my chest
Since it belongs to someone
A heart so hard to unlock
Is not my own anymore
Once thrilled with a feeling
It was heavy as a rock
I find it hard to breathe
I find it hard to sleep
With the need as sore
As the tear on my shaking lip
Nights lone and cold
Thoughts wild and stray
There's so much passion
I want to give away
Skin burning up
At the thought of him
Him who stole my heart
At a single gleam
Wish I could hold him
Never let go
Let my arms
Be his new home
Trying so hard
To touch his heart
He has mine
But what use of it has he got
The sad brown eyes
That crave to behold him
See nothing more than the image
On the other side of the screen
The heart he unknowingly stole
That sore, bleeding pile of sorrows
Without any faith in the morrow
Will he ever notice it at all
:icondirtybad96:DIRTYBAD96 0 0
All You (Don't) Need Is Love
All you need is love, they say
All you need is love
The most wonderful feeling
Sent from high above
Try it for yourself, they say
It will do you a lot of good
Tried it for myself
Probably not the way I should
Is this really love
Or is it an endless pain
To be hurt and hurt others
Say beautiful words in vain
To cry alone in the night
To be misunderstood
To fear if he can really love me
The way I wish he could
To say the bitter truth
Feel the heart break in two
Crying my eyes away
Trying to find a way through
Am I destined to be alone
Or is it this cruel world
That forces me everyday
To live a life so forlorn
I am sick and tired of love
I have had enough of pain
I am sick and tired of this world
And my own mind, my brain
Love is not for me
It is not included in the script
For my hopeless, loveless life
Love is one thing I don't need
:icondirtybad96:DIRTYBAD96 1 0


Jeeeeez, it's been ages since I last wrote a journal here. There hasn't been much happening in the recent years. I don't really have time to draw any traditional art as I'm mainly occupied with studies and working on projects to earn some money. I've undergone many changes, mainly in terms of my personality and my life priorities. And damn, I feel so old. Where have my teen years gone? I used to be all about games and anime, now I rarely have an occasion to get a decent gaming session. Anyway, here's a list of some significant things I have done:
  • started my environmental engineering studies in 2015 and I got my BSc degree a little more than a month ago, now doing the master course.
  • traveled around Poland a little.
  • attended a few concerts: Apocalyptica - 4x, Nothing But Thieves - 1x, now waiting for Tokio Hotel on 5th of June.
  • met Apocalyptica guys in person twice and asked Mikko Siren if he could somehow throw the drumstick towards me, which he later did and I successfully caught it.
  • got a third exhibition of my art titled "Unmatched" at my former high school (2016).
  • been abroad three times.
  • made a friend to drink coffee with.
  • had my first boyfriend although it wasn't meant to last.
  • returned to writing poems.
Nothing too significant, though. Hiatus in drawing. Just living a casual life and trying to get enough sleep.
  • Listening to: Faith by Ghost
  • Playing: Yakuza Kiwami
  • Drinking: Coffee
There are no words to describe what I feel right now. Another of my dreams has been fulfilled. When I found out that HIM was going to play two concerts here in Poland, I almost fainted ( me and my sister have been their fans for about 13 years!! ). We decided to attend the concert in  Gdańsk on 6th August. The countdown that started right after buying the tickets was almost unbearable and I could hardly endure, nervous and excited about seeing Ville Valo live for the first time in my life. As for the concert itself,it took place in the club B90 and HIM appeared on the stage at about 7.30 pm. The show was kicked off with 'Buried Alive By Love'. From that moment on, the whole world stopped. Ville Valo looked very hot ( that T-shirt! :o ♡ ) but it wasn't just his hotness that left me so dazed. His voice, so deep, literally pierced through my heart and soul... I was immensely happy to see his smile. I'd been waiting for that moment for so many years. Ville was incredible and just being in his presence made me feel absolutely special. I should also mention that Ville smiled to my sister while singing 'Rebel Yell' but I was standing by her side, so that smile might have been targeted at me as well :D :D
I'm shaking every time I think of the concert.  It has been engraved on my mind as a truly unforgettable experience. Ville Valo is one of a kind and so is the music he creates. He's an extraordinary artist who never ceases to amaze his fans and that's why I love and respect him so much.
  • Listening to: Poison Girl by HIM
  • Eating: Chocolate
  • Drinking: Coffee


DIRTYBAD96's Profile Picture
Marlena K.
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi ~~
My name is Marlena and I'm totally obsessed about manga, anime, games and everything related to the above.
I've been drawing since I was a little child, I'm a hobbyist artist although I've become a little rusty lately.
My biggest inspiration is Ayami Kojima whose wonderful artwork encouraged me to try drawing myself. It's strictly connected with my Castlevania fandom which started in 2007. Games hold a special place in my heart.

Thanks for viewing my profile and I hope you like my drawings :)

Important note: I don't accept requests. No special reason, just lack of time and inspiration.

Current penpal : :iconprince-of-pop:



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Swoją drogą - podziwiam Twoje prace. Rewelacyjne, nie mogę się na nie napatrzeć
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Dziękuję za miłe słowa, może nie uważam swoich prac za rewelacyjne ale najważniejsze, że się podobają ^•^
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