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Bad Move

A special request from Otakon '08.

Inked once again with those Sensei pens. Colored with Copics, and a few old Prismacolor markers (for the extra grays on the gun.) I keep forgetting how fun coloring with markers is. I should do this more.
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I've seen that movie too many goddamned times.
This reminds me of the iconic movie scence when a girl gets stabed in the shower but lucky for her she always keeps a magnum right next to the soap
MUERTEiNK's avatar
Oh, Jesus !!!!* o * I loved the Love !!!!< 3
MUERTEiNK's avatar
Oh, Jesus !!!!* o * I loved the Love !!!!< 3
So...totally...>WORTH IT
LoD90's avatar
I should totally take gun in the shower, just to see the expression on the person's face!!!!!
7neondragon's avatar
your signature link zombie ate my brains!!! Graaaagh
LoD90's avatar
mwahahaha I always think to take that off... but I always forget XD
Emillie-Wolf's avatar
Ne jamais essayer de surprendre une femme dans son intimité...
mikeanike101's avatar
I'm just curious as to what would piss her off enough to start the werewolf transformation AND bring out the glock.
dirktiede's avatar
The former sorta trumps the latter...
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Reading through the comments, I noticed a fellow saying that glocks are smaller... Not entirely true. Depending on the model, glocks can infact be significantly big. The Glock that aussie cops carry is ginormous! Bigger than most guns... even bigger than a Colt 1911 (and those are power guns!). That, and in a womans hand... a glock can look huge.

That said, I love the detail of the pistol. Very well done.
Timgee250's avatar
"Was this what you wanted to see?"
SilverZeo's avatar
I could just see Kevin from Home Alone sneaking in there to record her singing...
flippedoutkyrii's avatar
Hehe, hilarious!

But to me, that Glock looks ginormous. Glocks are significantly smaller, but meh. It's your drawing style :3
shinyhappygoth's avatar
Wasn't that a scene from Wild Zero? ;-)
Lance-Foxx's avatar
I'm actually surprised how well the color blue worked out in this pic. If I had to decide what color the tiles and the shower curtain would be, I would have been leary making that choice, but you made it look like the perfect choice!
RobinsArtist's avatar
I guess from reading the comic it shouldn't surprise me that Kate takes her piece with her in the shower.

Sexy of course, but also a great example of Kate's character and a technically accomplished drawing to boot. :)
MysteryEzekude's avatar
Ha ha ha, this picture you drew delivers both impressive quality and humour. Good job.

Best Part: Very detailed pistol and background
solipherus's avatar
Haaaahaha yay I enjoy this a lot. ^__^
goldenavatar's avatar
Wow. Forget the Pert Plus, if you're a woman and going to the shower, pack a glock to get that man out of your hair.
sanjithecook's avatar
Hilarious and beautifully done, i love your clean use of line and the way you've used the colours give the image alot of life.
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